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  1. "Heads Up" "FYI" "Warning" I have booked for the VMC National meet in Hunter NY July17-20th who is up for it let's make this a good one. Looking forward to meeting up with a lot of old friends and making some new friends. :tu :tu :chpr :tu :tu
  2. Thanks Ilene I saved the sponsor page to my Victory Favorites and will always use it first when looking for stuff.
  3. I could ride up Rt26 from North Conway NH to Gorham NH it's on the way sortoff. :beer :beer :beer :beer :beer
  4. Lobs is this the beast contained in Scots trailer you refer to as the "Little Hurricane" or are you offering blow jobs??? :dno :dno :jstr :ltr :ltr :chpr :tu
  5. I'm very impressed with Rich's filmwork and yeh Hurricane looks cool on here just imagine it's only 7 miles from my home. Then I also have The Kanc 3 miles from home and my alltime Fav Bear Notch road, welcome to my playground. Terri is the camera the GoPro HD Hero? I spoke briefly with Rich about it and how there was a power lead coming out to cut down on battery changing. Great work guys...and Terri Rich just could not catch you could he LOL!!!
  6. Hope some of these make you wish you were there, and for those that were it was a blast I enjoyed the time I spent with each and everyone of you, so where is the gecko?
  7. Cool Vid Terri. Theresa and I just watched it in our room at the meet now its time to go back outside and dtink with all the Fickers...
  8. OK guys and gals have a safe ride to Ironhorse see you down there Thursday just after high noon God willing. This is gonna be EPIC!!!
  9. Chuck and I were at Town and Country this morning checking out the Goldwing Rally, Front desk told me there was 5 rooms available to the quick. I think it was the 5 bridesmaids from the wedding that cancelled when they heard Golfer was cumming....
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