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  1. Gene Sir I'll ride up with you Sunday 6/21 to Stroudsburg Pa and back to Timonium Md the next day. You have my e-mail address and phone number. From my location I'll run up and over to Frederick and meet there somewhere at a time that you pick. George
  2. Thank you Nash Vegas Chapter for this National event I have already booked Embassy Suite Nashville SE - Murfreesboro and planed my route.. Is there a registration site set up ???? George
  3. Some pictures going up to Uniontown to meet
  4. If things work out with my dog I'll ride along part way maybe even to lunch stop? George
  5. Good looking group ,thank you for kicking off this years V2V relay. Looking forward to meeting up again this year when passing through Pa.& Md. George
  6. Thanks Jon you make things so mush easier for a person not knowing what to expect plus saving bucks in maintenance chargesw. George
  7. Patti and Tom. I guess you are leaving us and not riding the next leg. You two take care and God Bless you for being you. MERRY CHRISTMAS and have a great New Year. George
  8. Tell Brent he said "I am Going All The Way" Now I know why he wears that padding... Glad you are alright Brent. RIDE ON SAFELY George
  9. Yes Brent is riding the full ride from East to West. One day it will be my turn. George
  10. I will post a few pictures and the rest on the clubs web. view ride pictures. http://cbvr.webs.com/apps/photos/ Page down Click on Album Picture Click on View as Slide Show (upper right) Click on Full Screen (lower right corner) You can pin wheel You can also page down and in the lower right side (click on Recent Videos) George
  11. Thank you ,I enjoyed being with everyone from my living room. George
  12. Donna you are now the commander and chief guard it well and take it home to rest for another year.. We shell return. George
  13. 10/4 == One year is what "A" said......smiling Besides riding making friends ,joking and having a good time is priority number 2. Yes see everyone __ ____,if I can make it another year. George
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