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  1. I went to a muffler shop and they gave me the o2 plugs for free.
  2. 06 kingpin I also used the head light bucket. I found a 12 volt power outlet from radio shack that plugged in to the open connectors in the headlight without modification.
  3. Soon as you buy the bike in Ca. you can modify it. The only problem is you can not use a stage one map because the Victory software will not allow it to be loaded on a California bike. I have been told that if you use an out of state address it will allow you to load a stage one map. If you get a fuel controller you do not have to worry about the map. Most dealers will install after market parts like exhaust or air cleaner. To bring a bike in to Ca. from out of state it has to have so many miles on it. I believe it is 7500 miles. You can contact the DMV but if it has Ca emissions then it is not a problem to bring the Bike in to Ca. The only worry I would have is if Ca. starts to smog motorcycles then we are all in trouble because I think no bikes in Ca. are stock. It might just be easier to move out of Ca. and ride what you want, pay lower taxes and not be represented by every nut in the House and Senate. Oh well at least it is sunny.
  4. Just for info I added a VFC II per instructions and pinging is gone. It seems to be running a lot better. The plugs are also tan. It seems to accelerate a lot faster. Thanks to lloydz.
  5. I have an 06 kingpin with a stageone kit. It is pinging when i accelerate especially when I am around 2000 rpms. I am thinking it is a lean condition. I have tried different octanes but it does not seem to make a difference. I was wondering if a dealer can correct this or should I get a VFC. I live in California. I was thinking of getting an S&S air cleaner but then I have the issues of getting the S&S download. Any advise would be appreciated. Then I am worried also about smog checks on bikes. It just seems a matter of time before they start smog checking motorcycles. P.S. I know I should just move out of California. I have 7 years until I retire then I can move.
  6. When it stops making the noise you should worry.
  7. Has anyone done the S&S download in Calif.
  8. Can dealers in Calif. load the s&s download on our bikes or is it prevented by carb regulations.
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