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  1. Got mine, Hmmm One room with TWO queen beds.. Who wants to share a room? Share the price make a new friend,.. Who is in?
  2. Jim's group did a great job.. You guys in Nashville have your work cut out for you.. Good luck.. Looking forward to that..
  3. Just letting everyone know, All of the rooms that were blocked off for us at the Hampton are sold. If anyone needs to share, I have two queen size beds in my room.. You can split the costs with me. Kevin 419-349-3663
  4. Your right ,, I do have a better destination.. but... Need to pick up that victory shirt for my grandson first...lol
  5. I gotta get a Victory shirt for my grandson
  6. We are leaving from Toledo area on Wed. at about 9 am and going to Rochester for the night.. then into the meet. give a call if you want to meet up.. we will be taking the turnpike across ohio and Pa. Kevin 419-349-3663
  7. I think the VMC should sponsor a weight loss program.. No wonder why the bikes are getting bigger ....... The riders are getting almost to big to ride them.
  8. Gee, what is this? I thought Valet service would be included.. At least they are letting us know.. :usa
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