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  1. Ignore my last. I figured it out. One software download from Garmin and voila!
  2. Looking forward to seeing you folks soon. Question - I've never downloaded a GPX file to my Garmin, and I'd like to take a few of the rides that you've mapped out. I've done a web search, but haven't found any sites that are useful. Cana anyone give me a hand? Thanks!
  3. Thanks to the Granite State chapter for putting together an excellent rally. The roast of dear ol' Chucky was especially memorable - it ranks up there with the best entertainment that I've seen at a rally. Only Menneto's presentations about the bright future of the Victory brand was more far-fetched. And the pix are great!
  4. Registered! Looking forward to the trip and rally!
  5. I'll be there! I've never visited that area of the U.S.!
  6. Fiona and I have registered. Looking forward to the ride(s)! Richard
  7. A great time. Really enjoyed it! The food was excellent, and the whole event was well organized. Thanks to all who put it together - you folks did a great job! The bar's been set pretty high for next year! See you in Murfeesboro!
  8. Just registered. Fiona and I are looking forward to catching up with everyone again! The Burgman rides again! Richard
  9. Guys, I just tried the "View Accommodation Options" link and it doesn't appear to work. Maybe DHS has blocked cross-border shopping? Bad news for the U.S. economy, eh Chuck?
  10. I had my bike serviced there today, & they did a great job at a great price. Quick, too.
  11. You know thAt Fiona's reading these threads, eh? LOL
  12. Rick, please let me know where & when & I'll join you eg?
  13. Very funny guys. We're in North Conway now. Stopped in at Mainley to have the bike checked over, and ended up with even more cargo space Will show you tomorrow. I blame Rick.
  14. Thanks, guys. Yes, we made it to Freeport just fine, but I can't figure out why they call it "free" - it's going to be freakin' expensive! And Fiona thanks you for all the tips re how to deliver and haul a whole s**tload of stuff back home. I think that we should win a prize - like a new 2011 Vic. I don't even much care what it is, but a Ness Jackpot would do fine in a pinch! See everyone else soon. P.S. nice picture, Sarah!
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