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  1. This month we'll ride to Bing's Burger Station in Cottonwood on the 14th. The reason for the date change is Ed, Jerry, and I will be in Texas at the Flat Track races...😎 Lets meet at Robert's Market, KSU at 11:00am
  2. until

    It has been decided that we will ride to a different location for lunch each month on or about the 4th Thursday (or Friday). On April 22nd we'll ride to Congress and have lunch at Nichol's West...😎
  3. Registered and looking forward to seeing people outside of our family...👍
  4. Bearcat

    Monthly PVR Meeting

    Zeke's Eatin' Place, Frontier Village, 8:00 am
  5. Many of us are waiting for the Leg Captains to announce the hotels etc. Thanks to Brent for setting up the 1st Leg this year!!! 😎
  6. until
    New location will be decided on at our April 10th breakfast meeting...
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