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  1. The 3rd Annual Frank (JETSN) Gary Memorial Ride for 2022 will once again meet on the north side of 89A at the Granite Dells Parkway exit. Sunday, Oct 2nd, ride brief at 9:20, KSU at 9:30...😎 The ride will end this year at Prescott Junction on Sheldon.
  2. until

    The Gold Wing trike at the end wasn't part of the PVR. 3 Vics, a Harley w/side car, & a gorgeous Indian Challenger!! ? Ride Safe, Ride Often!!
  3. GREAT PICS!!! Keep em coming!!! Headed to Craig on Wednesday...?
  4. Cleta and I are V2V Registered & booked from Craig to Reno!!! Can't wait to see the family once again!! ?
  5. Bearcat



    We'll be staying at my daughter's near Fayetteville on the 19th and will ride over to greet everyone. Booked at the Travelers Inn for the 20th-22nd. Can't wait!!! ? Ride Safe, Ride Often!! Rick
  6. Still out of town until the 29th...?
  7. until
    We'll decide where to ride to for lunch at out meeting at Zeke's on the 9th...?
  8. until
    8 AM at Zeke's Eatin Place...?
  9. until
    We'll figure out where to ride for lunch at our breakfast meeting on the 11th...?
  10. until
    8 AM at Zeke's Eatin' Place...?
  11. until
    We'll decide where to ride to for lunch at the breakfast meeting at Zeke's...?
  12. until
    8 AM at Zeke's Eatin' Place...?
  13. until
    We'll decide where to ride at the breakfast meeting on the 9th ?
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