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  1. until
    New location will be decided on at our April 10th breakfast meeting...
  2. 2013 & 2014 "Unofficial" SW VMC Meet in Laughlin...😎
  3. Bearcat

    Monthly PVR Meeting


    With a little luck we can resume our meetings in April after we have all had our COVID-19 shots...😎
  4. Bearcat

    Run For The Wall 2021


    As of January 2nd 2021 planning is still ongoing for the 2021 "Run For the Wall". The hotel list is posted on RFTW.US... COVID may still have an effect but planning continues as if we're pulling out of Ontario on May 19th. IF, you are thinking about going the hotel rooms get booked REALLY QUICKLY!!!! 😎
  5. until
    11:00 am at the Prescott Valley VFW post 10227...😎
  6. Bearcat

    Monthly PVR Meeting

    Here's hoping 2021 brings us All better days..😎
  7. until
    Since the 4th Thursday of December is Christmas Eve we'll change to the 3rd Thursday this month...😎
  8. until
    Going to the 3rd Thursday this month and next 😎
  9. until

    So 9am doesn't work well at all. I got there at 8:r45 and there was a 30+ minute wait for a table. So let's stay at 8am, it may be a little cold but the chance of having to wait to get a table will be a LOT less...😎
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