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    We start in Ontario, Ca. 10 days later we are mission complete in Arlington, Va. This Run was started in 1998 by a couple Vietnam Veterans to raise awareness of our POWs/ MIAs. As of Jan 5th, 2019 there were 82,147 (from all US conflicts since WW2) soles who's families have no closure on. All they know for sure is that their Loved One went to war and never returned. You can do one day or as many as you want, more info is available at RFTW.US... WE RIDE FOR THOSE WHO CAN"T!! The 2020 and 2021 Runs were cancelled due to COVID-19. The 2022 Run For The Wall is ON. Registration opened Sept 11th, hotel info and Run details should be finalized b y Jan 1st 2022.
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    11 AM at the Prescott Valley VFW Post 10227
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    During the winter (Nov - Mar) months we'll meet at 9 AM, warmer months @ 8 AM
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    REALLY hoping to return to Lewiston. Had a GREAT time at the 2013 VMC National Meet!!!😎
  5. If you look at the V2V's from prior years you should be able to get an idea of what happens. Each year the leg captains decide on the actual route to be used. There isn't a lot of US 40 left out west here, the guys (and gals) that set the routes out west here do a GREAT job of finding some AMAZING "detours"!!!😎
  6. Bearcat

    Mormon Lake 4 lunch


    OPPS!!! We're riding on SUNDAY, JULY 22nd, sorry about that...
  7. Bearcat

    Mormon Lake 4 lunch

    Meet behind the Maverick gas station at Fain Rd and Hwy 69 gassed up and ready to go, KSU @ 10:30. We'll ride up Hwy169 to I-17, take the General Crook exit at Camp Verde and ride Hwy 260 to the Hwy 87 turn off then maybe stop at Clint's Well to unload coffee or whatever before making a quick left to Lake Mary Rd. The Mormon Lake Steakhouse opens back up for lunch at noon. Should be nice weather after we get out of Camp Verde although the ride home may be a tad warm coming back thru there...
  8. At the Nevada border MVI_3963.MOV
  9. A short video of the riders getting ready to leave from Zermatt. Cleta and I had to take the "short route" since she can't do those high peaks due to her lung issues... We did however pass the V2V riders as we were riding into Mirror Lake when they were riding out, that was pretty Cool!! Zermatt.mp4
  10. Cleta and I made it easily to Alliance in plenty of time to do some much needed laundry (our day 7). We have had a GREAT time with our Victory Family and have started planning for next year already. For those of you that may be "on the fence" about riding the V2V it's time to GET OFF the ole butt and make some plans!!! This is a GREAT event, led by some remarkable Victory Riders that want nothing more than to make your V2V experience a MEMORABLE ONE!! Even though Cleta has some lung issues she hung in there at 11,742 feet over 1 of the mountain passes in Colorado and even enjoyed herself (once we got off the mountain!)… I've got a TON more pics, just can't find them tonight. Stay tuned..., I need another BEER... Castle_Rock_Baton_Pass.mp4 Zermatt.mp4
  11. Cleta and I will join the V2V in Ely now, had a change in our plans. ?
  12. Our plans have changed. I registered for Reno/Carson City thru to Castle Rock but we'll now join the Relay in Ely. I do not see a way to cancel the first leg or is that it even necessary???
  13. Booked at $162.60? Local taxes and resort "tax" were added to the $129.00 rate...
  14. THANKS Gene!! Ride Safe, Ride Often!! Rick
  15. You're not alone there, change SUCKS sometimes... Personally I never found much wrong with the "old and crappy" stuff we new as kids...
  16. Waiting to get the info on hotels etc for Carson City (I hope) and Ely, Nevada.....
  17. Registration complete, awaiting leg captains to post hotels.... :chpr
  18. Some of us will be on the Run For The Wall :chpr
  19. Got the T-shirts and patches. :y: REALLY LIKE the T-Shirts!!!!! :tu Ya done GOOD Vohn!!!! :beer 8)
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