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  1. The 2016 Tennessee Victory Rally is going to be an incredible event. See everyone in July!!!! We want to recognize all other the GREAT VENDORS who have given prizes and gifts to help make this a great event!! Witchdoctors Victory Only Big D Racks Gonzo Garage The VMC Kevin Cross Southern Motorworx Victory of Knoxville American Made Motorcycles Cherohala Biker Gear Tellico Grains Bakery
  2. The Dragon Riders are very pleased to announce that registration is now officially open for the 2016 Tennessee Victory Motorcycle Rally. We have many things planned for the event; on site vendors, great food, incredible roads, and comradery with some of the greatest people you’ll ever meet. This year’s rally will include the DiveHeart organization as our charity for the event and a drawing for a custom Arlen Ness Jackpot. We have a form that we would ask you to fill out (See attachment) so that we may have proper information to make this one of your very best rallies you’ve ever atte
  3. The Dragon Riders are pleased to announce that we have selected a host Hotel/Lodge for the upcoming July 14th thru July 17th 2016 Tennessee Victory Rally. The host hotel is The Tremont Lodge in Townsend, TN http://tremontlodge.com For those who attended the 2013 TN rally will know the great location and amenities. Close access to wonderful roads to ride and shopping to enjoy. There will be different level of accommodations and that will affect where people will stay as this facility has numerous buildings. The Tremont Lodge has been completely renovated and is under NEW ownership! Here are
  4. Hey guys what time do you all plan on heading out Saturday morning??? Would like to catch up (if at all possible) with you all for a day of riding!!!
  5. You sound like the HD guys, now...it's to cold, it's to far.... :ltr :ltr :ltr
  6. Cool, Hurry up and get here so we can go ride and cause mayhem!! :beer
  7. Hey I just checked out where you all are staying...We all can go to The Shed (Smokey Mountain Hardley Davidson) it's less than a mile from Luxbury.....:har
  8. Hey guys....I'll try to hook up with you all when you get here!!! It's my neck of the woods!!! See you in April!! :y: :y:
  9. Yeah...Give us (Dragon Riders) a shout when you get to Middle/East Tn and we'll hook up and ride with you...Take you on some side roads...Before Shady Valley
  10. OUTSTANDING!! I am interested....I'm only an hour and 15 minutes away.... Maddestmax we need to hook up and ride!! Have you checked our forum Dragon Riders???
  11. EAST TENNESSEE!!! We have the Great Smoky Mountains, Cherokee Forest, The Dragon, Cherohala Skyway, Hwy 421 (The Snake) Bristol area, The Hellbender (Hwy 28) Western NC area, GREAT lesser known local roads. For the wives they can go to Pigeon Forge and SHOP TILL THEY DROP!!! There are all kinds of lakes to ride around (Fort Loudon, Tellico, Cherokee, Douglas, Norris, Watts Bar, Chickamuaga, etc....) Their are histroical sights within easy riding distance...Cherokee NC if you want to gamble....ALL OF THIS AND MORE WITHIN A DAYS RIDE OF KNOXVILLE!!!! We are centrally located in the US so mos
  12. I went to Cherokee Rally a couple of years ago...really wasn't impressed, has it changed since then??? Give us a shout (Dragon Riders of East TN) We can hook up and do some riding!!! Here's our web site with some planned rides, http://www.victorydragonriders.com but we're ALWAYS open to new suggestions too
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