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  1. Hi Paul, Desty and I are planning on riding as far as Craig. Do you have room for two more at your place? Thanks much, Nolan
  2. Hey Paul, Desty and I intend to ride at least Ft. Morgan to KC. If you have room for us we would love to stay with you and Tina again. Thanks, Nolan and Desty.
  3. I believe the couple on the Kingpin (help with names) are Don and LouAnn(sp) from Altoona, IA. I met them at the Super 8 in Hays. BTW, this was my first opportunity to experience the V2V and it was awesome and everyone I met was super! Thanks, vicriderx2
  4. Thanks for the information Spike. I am looking forward to it! Best, Nolan
  5. Hi, I would like to join in at Hays. Is there a get together of the riders the evening before? Should I contact the LC a few days before if I will be able to join? Anything special I need to know? Thanks, Nolan
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