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  1. try these links instead of the previous ones https://go.rever.co/2oBdKNpm0Db https://go.rever.co/XTYCK10n5Db https://go.rever.co/kf3YZ2B63Db https://go.rever.co/VrP9CQkDXDb https://go.rever.co/xs5j0hiAYDb https://go.rever.co/pvaNTr20YDb https://go.rever.co/nkvC8r0wZDb
  2. I did the same thing a couple of weeks ago when the trees were at their finest. Been working in Michigan so decided to ride the bike. I had planned to ride the ferry from Muskegon to Milwakee on the way home but rain and a few other factors made me miss the boat. No worries, I got a room in Grand Haven expecting to ride the one leaving the next morning. However due to big waves they canceled that one. Rode south, staying out of Chicago. first leg: <iframe src="https://a.rever.co/embed/rides/9230230" width="700px" height="700px"></iframe> 2nd <iframe src="https://a.rever.co/embed/rides/9230837" width="700px" height="700px"></iframe> 3rd <iframe src="https://a.rever.co/embed/rides/9231435" width="700px" height="700px"></iframe> 4th <iframe src="https://a.rever.co/embed/rides/9231435" width="700px" height="700px"></iframe> 5th <iframe src="https://a.rever.co/embed/rides/9231435" width="700px" height="700px"></iframe> 6th<iframe src="https://a.rever.co/embed/rides/9231435" width="700px" height="700px"></iframe> almost home <iframe src="https://a.rever.co/embed/rides/9231435" width="700px" height="700px"></iframe> last leg <iframe src="https://a.rever.co/embed/rides/9231435" width="700px" height="700px"></iframe>
  3. Thanks Rose, not much terrain change to report in Kansas! You can see the passes we went thru on Johns's leg easily in the profile
  4. I tried to reserve a block of rooms but they wanted me to hold them with my credit card. the online way is best.
  5. My seal started leaking back in Tennesee last year, Lowell helped me push it back in and it's been fine since, but don't know what to tell you about the jury duty...
  6. The Choice hotel is Sold out. I've got a room next door at Super 8 https://www.wyndhamhotels.com/super-8
  7. I waited to long, Choice is full in Ottawa. Super 8 is next door: if you plan to make this leg try this: https://www.wyndhamhotels.com/super-8 As I stated earlier, we can eat at Applebees, across the parking lot, or a place called Blanco's down the street.
  8. I stopped through Ottawa Sunday, The motel is south behind a Super 8. There's an Applebees across from the parking lot. I stopped at a place called Blanco's because there were some bikes parked in front. Nice atmosphere and good looking menu but it's a short ride to the motel.
  9. until

    479) 363-6863 is their number on the website. I got a deluxe King room for $216 for 3 nights through booking.com (plus tax)
  10. the lunch spot was featured in this clip: https://www.ksn.com/gooddaykansas/secret-spots-the-barn/
  11. The Dodge City motel is Quality Inn https://www.choicehotels.com/kansas/dodge-city/quality-inn-hotels/ks061?checkInDate=2023-06-27&checkOutDate=2023-06-28#hotel-map they have a $90 rate that is non refundable. Other refundable rates are higher. I've stayed at this motel, it's nice. Ask for a downstairs room if you don't handle stairs. Depending on the wishes of the riders on this leg, we can either stay in the mountains for a while stop and see Bishop's castle: Other wise stay on highway 50 and get to Dodge City sooner. The castle is unforgettable
  12. Here is the Ottawa Hotel information, ask for the V2V rate of $89 https://www.choicehotels.com/kansas/ottawa/comfort-inn-hotels/ks091?checkInDate=2023-06-28&checkOutDate=2023-06-29&ratePlanCode=SC10#:~:text=Comfort Inn Ottawa,785) 229-0957
  13. I've been working around the area and found the lunch spot. It's in Burrton, called The Barn. Here is an updated link of the route with a few small changes: https://go.rever.co/uLe3fkZvQyb Still deciding on the Motel, either Comfort Inn or Sure Stay. There is an Applebees right next to the Comfort Inn.
  14. After reading reviews about the Dodge House, I'm a little spooked about it. However, been told that there are new owners, and they are trying to get it better, and there is a restaurant and bar open on premises. I've also contacted the Quality Inn, ( and have stayed there recently) and it's nice, just no elevator to 2nd floor. They have VMC rates of $98 for 1 queen and $103 for 1 King. If we have 8-10 rooms it gets a little cheaper. Have a friend whos going to do a little more checking on the Dodge House, but for sure it's had better days, thus the price.
  15. until

    probably the most challenging road is this: https://www.onlyinyourstate.com/arkansas/ar-arkansas-dragon-extended/
  16. This leg leaves from Dodge City, heads to Mullinville where there is some of the strangest art you will ever see. Then through Greensburg, home of the world's largest hand dug well, complete with a giant meteorite. But the ride gets really good after Cassoday, we will be winding through the Flint Hills eventually getting to Ottawa. I've not picked a motels yet but am looking at a reasonable priced one. Depending on the size of the crowd we will probably eat at Burrton or Newton. We also need to stop here,it's only 69 miles from Ottawa: https://www.hayshouse.com/ https://go.rever.co/uLe3fkZvQyb
  17. I made a trip to Dodge City yesterday to look at the motels and eating establishments. There's a place "The Dodge House" thats reasonably priced. $65/night for one room but we can get a group rate of $49. Lots of things to see in Dodge, Front street, a distillery,brewery, casino,gunfights, you name it. I'm checking with some friends there for a good easting establishement. Speaking of eating, We'll stop at Lamar,Co for lunch. Anyone had a good meal there? I've stayed there but don't know much about a lunch spot. here is a rever link for the leg: https://go.rever.co/cFQeTFeO2xb I'll take everyone by a pen of these. you can't believe how big their horns are!
  18. Right now, I'm feeling pretty good (relieved maybe) that there's a captain on both sides of my legs, need some people to step up! The baton,backpack and Spot aren't going to make it with out some riders and bikes....
  19. I'm checking out motels in Dodge City. Most are fairly close to the "old west" part of town. There's a nice casino but the Hampton Inn there is way over $100/night. I've been to Dodge for work and the Quality Inn is nice and reasonably priced. As far as Ottawa, there are some places close to Interstate.
  20. This is the route I've planned so far: https://goo.gl/maps/8ywnUv7J59PTduEE6 this is the Kansas leg this is both legs I will be leading, starting at Canon City: https://goo.gl/maps/ugM3yLgUht6iAtJA6
  21. Can't divulge John's route, but promise, it will be epic!! probably one of the best legs of the V2V.
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