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  1. until
    2nd Annual VMC NC Fall Cookout, Hosted by The River Cities Victory Riders. This will be held at Lake Manawa Shelter #7. (Located where the campground used to be). This is a free event for all VMC Members and only $10 for non VMC members (A BARGIN!!!) Please bring non-perishable items for the Food Bank of the Heartland and $$$ for a raffle for The Wheels 4 Warriors Project. B.Y.O.B. Unfortunately there is no longer camping at this facility. If there is enough interest in camping, we can look for a place to camp for the night.
  2. I agree Mike, was just wondering where/when it happen. I'll be there!
  3. Headed out in morning. Lexington till Thursday, then Charlston bound.
  4. Thank you for the great food and support of the VMC! Them beans were excellent!!! And seeing my first Street bike for sale was the cherry on the cake. (1978 Honda 750/4 K) Memories!
  5. Is anybody camping at the Nashville I 24 Campground during The National Meet? Hoping to meet some other riders out there. I got cabin #2. For $5 more than tent camping, I think it's worth it space wise.
  6. Great Pics!! Who's got my license plate on the white Vision??? :dno :dno :dno Phlash01
  7. :blnk Ok.... I am all in for what ever date is picked..... But I thought the idea was to ride "TO" the AVR...( Victory has announced the dates for the 2012 AVR: August 17th-18th, 2012.) ????????? :pcb
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