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  1. Yes, we are spending our vacation in Florida. Of course I also use it to buy motorcycle parts. I always order them from Scott Conquest Custom and pick them up there in person.
  2. Nice In September I want to go to his store and see if he has something interesting for my Magnum seat.
  3. That sounds good, you have done everything that is your responsibility. Now it depends on the participants. It's a little weird when you can't hug friends. The meetings are a bit different and feel different, but they are still nice. I wish you a lot of fun and take care of yourself.
  4. In Germany we have our meetings. We stick to the distance rule. We stay outdoors as much as possible. In the hotel, we must also observe the rules. You have to see it from the point of view that the infections are on a very low level. On July 10th we had 395 newly infected people. Our meetings are therefore without high risk and are all a little smaller. 10 to 35 people When you meet, everyone should be intelligent enough to follow the corona rules The international meetings were all cancelled. The group would have been too big and many should not have come because of the travel restrictions. I had planned my vacation in Florida for September, we buried the plan on Friday. The risk is too big for us and we do not want to go into quarantine for 2 weeks after our return. Think about how to protect yourself and stay healthy. If you protect yourself, you protect many others from infection.
  5. Friendship and fun this is Victory Club
  6. This is a nice event, with live music and show. There will be drinks and food. A camping site is 200 meters away. Some small hotels are within walking distance. Others are only a few minutes away by motorbike.
  7. Today we start to a Victory meeting in France, Volonne near by Nizza . One Way 1130 km.?
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