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  1. Well the stars have shifted and I will be making this run. Not sure yet if I will meet you at the hotel in the AM or be up the night before. Went to above site to register and it said it's closed.
  2. Just looked at the calendar, now all you have to do is explain to my my wife why I will be gone 2 weekends in a row, Lil sturgis, then V2V, or you pick the event
  3. yup,,,I have compressed air. Always blow that area out, as well as the jugs after every bath
  4. Hi Rob,,,,is that a Ness edition?? Nice color red. Johnny law see's red vette's faster than red bikes. Enjoy!!
  5. I'm with Gene, 40 doesn't run through Annapolis, ,,,,,if we are thinking out loud
  6. I'm home, showered and enjoying a cold one before bed. Want to thank Gene for a great route and support. Also thanks to Bill, Rob, and George for riding along as well. Didn't get that rain free ride we wanted. Did you beat the rain Gene?
  7. Bump,,, Giving all the credit to Gene, looks like he has a great route for us to follow, the actual old National highway, should be a great ride. Watching the weather closely, Tropical storm Bill that is, Looks like we will miss the rain, but almost like it is going to hit leg 1. I'm praying for you guys.
  8. My mistake,, it is a Radisson now, Same place, different name. 724-437-2816. You can use confirmation no's 29907, 08, and 09. There 2 more if needed under another name Micheal Lovell , did not understand that but whatever My last name is Lovell which is what they are under, how ever I told her to put the VMC also. Will be great to have you for the ride over George. :y:
  9. Trying to plan a interesting ride, a couple years ago we stopped at the Flight 93 Memorial, is that something we want to again this year or wait a year or two before we revisit?
  10. Here it is Holiday Inn Uniontown, 700 West Main Street Uniontown PA 15401 724-437-2816 I blocked 5 Non smoking rooms with double beds in case someone wants to double up. Under Lovell, confirm #JOPHDZ7. Room rate is 129.00 Triple A card brings it down some. Right next door is the Hampton Inn 724-430-1000
  11. BUMP!!!!! Lodging will be posted before the end of the week. Start checking your plans
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