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  1. Registered and booked......looking forward to it....thanks AVR!!
  2. NNYXC

    2019 National Meet


    Congrats AVR!! Can’t wait.... we’ll be there for sure!!
  3. It's been brought to my attention that we can reserve rooms for the National at the host venue already......what's up? Though we had to wait for the website and registration to be up first. Please explain.
  4. Great ideals, look forward to seeing plenty of proposals for future National rallys !!! Much easier to critique, than to plan out an event yourself. a little understanding, patience and forgiving for all the great folks who give up their time and take on the headache to insure everyone has a great time....thank you !!
  5. We had a great time, cool pictures, thanks
  6. Thanks for your efforts Mike, another great event. Family always first, Happy birthday to your Grand daughter.
  7. Jon, Do you have a solution over the lack of volume of XM radio?? IPOD is 4-5 times as loud....I have upgraded to kickers all around on my 12 Vision. Thanks Jon....I'll be at the rally next week....maybe you could hook me up then??? Amp or something???
  8. Oh and by the way Mr Greer isn't too far away either......... Pine Bush, NY....... look it up!
  9. I saw Woodstock mentioned, just a little back drop. That is not where the 1969 Woodstock festival took place. The town of Woodstock is famous for its folk music and the one time hang out of many 60`s musicians... example Bob Dylan, but the final location for the 3 day festival was in a small town in the southern part of the Catskills called Bethal, NY.....!!!! A great really cool museum there today on the same grounds. Bucket list place to visit for you....... 50 plus'ers. About 2 hours away from Hunter.
  10. I really wanted to make this first leg. My twin daughters just had to Graduate HS that weekend..... Another time.
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