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  1. Well just tried to make reservations and no deal, that stinks. Oh well we will enjoy our ride and the company and then head out to find a place to stay, still looking forward to meeting all that go on the ride. See you all in a couple of days.
  2. Mama wanted to meet at the hotel until she realized we would be hitting St Louis at rush hour. I think we will meet you in Union at the BP instead, if it looks like wet weather it may just be me, either way looking forward to it.
  3. Thank you for the info, we plan on meeting at the hotel Friday night, and making the ride Saturday to KC.
  4. I know this is still a little over a month out but I don't see any hotel info or KSU time, any ideas yet? Thanks
  5. Anyone from south central MO going? Still a little ways out but would be interested in linking up with someone heading that way.
  6. I called them over a week ago and no call back so I saw others were at Motel 62 and went with that.
  7. First time going to VITO, looking forward to meeting and riding in AR. Made reservations at Motel 62. :y: Hoping to bring some fellow riders with.
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