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  1. Great Lakes Regional , Illinois Ride & Campout May 13th-15th. Sangchris Lake State Recreation Area , 20 miles Southeast of Springfield, IL Save the date, especially if you are a Central or Southern Illinois member or Victory rider. Per a suggestion made last year for all regions, this is a low cost, low key chance for Great Lakes Region and other VMC members to get together to enjoy some camping and riding. I am especially hoping that some of the VMC members from downstate Illinois and Indiana can attend this event, particularly those who are part of a Local Chapter. We have reserved the Group Camp site at Sangchris Lake State Recreation Area for Friday-Sunday. This is a bring-your-own-everything event where we are only charging a fee of $5/night per person for camping. Show up anytime after Noon on Friday, or anytime Saturday.
  2. FWIW, Prior to becoming a GL Regional Rep, and since, and most recently at the GL Regional Meet (Li'l Sturgis), I have heard complaints from numerous members about the costs of the recent National Meets, with the majority of complaints being directed at the cost of the Hotel rooms, but many also directed at the cost of registration. I think many members (and most that I have spoken with) would be happy to stay at hotels that are less "fancy" than the ones that have been selected, but I also understand that there is a limited selection of hotels/venues that can provide the number of rooms and a banquet facility for the size of our typical attendance. It all gets real expensive for those member who are bringing multiple people, rather than coming on their own and sharing a room. Additionally, it does appear that for the last two or three National Meets, the money provided by the VMC has been essentially a pass through to the selected charity for that year and really hasn't served to offset the cost of attendance for members. Perhaps the practice/policy that has produced those results should be reviewed.
  3. Kudos to the Adirondack Victory Riders for all the efforts put in that helped raise that money for a great cause! Well done!
  4. Just saw this posted by someone on Facebook who shared the event from the VMC Facebook page and thought it should be posted here and on the National Meet Registration page, since it disagrees with what is on the National Meet Registration page: "Just a friendly reminder about the national meet coming up August 20-23 in Murfresboro TN. We will be closing early registration on July 31st but need everyone to register by 7/24 to ensure a goodie bag and shirt. Anyone registering online after 7/24 will be first in line for what ever we have left over for goodie bags which includes your shirts but we cannot guarantee we will have enough for everyone, so please register now. For those registering on site we cannot guarantee a good bag or shirt but you will be able to go to the dinners.
  5. Booked a room last night using the link provided on the homepage here at theVMC.com. With tax, a double queen suite was a few pennies under $150/night. Provided an option for WIFI at about $10/day, but the post above from Chuck indicates that WIFI will be included, so I wouldn't recommend paying extra. Looks like you can have up to 4 people per suite with no additional charge. Looked for campgrounds that were within a short drive from the Embassy Suites and offered some decent tent campsites and hot showers. Didn't find any.
  6. I agree that it is much easier to critique than to plan an event and wouldn't have commented here if I wasn't helping with a proposal that was submitted this past June to the committee for either the 2015 or the 2016 Meet and is still on the table waiting for approval. The sooner our proposal is approved, the sooner we can move forward with our planning to insure that everyone has a great time in 2016.
  7. I agree that, at a minimum, the host for the following year should be informed before the National Meet. This would allow the host to put together a presentation of the following year's Meet, which could then be shown at the Meet Banquet to help introduce the Meet for following year, build enthusiasm, and maybe even start the reservation process. Even this leaves some riders in the lurch who have to request vacation time a year in advance. It would also allow the process of contracting the hotel or hotels to begin earlier, as well as contracting any other services that need to be contracted. It also allows the city that is hosting the event to be drawn into the process at an earlier time and start making dedicated plans for the Meet. The sooner a commitment can be made to the host, the better. The sooner the host can begin to plan and make commitments with the various entities involved, the better. In fact, I think there would be advantages to planning the Meet two years out so that there is time to make arrangements with all the various entities, some of which plan events at least a year ahead of time. The actual locations of the following year's Meet wouldn't have to be announced until the Banquet of the current year's meet, but the Dates of the Meets could be announced so that people could make plans, especially those who have to request vacation time in advance. LOOKING forward to the Meet next year and am sure that those responsible will do everything needed to have a great meet.
  8. Thanks for the info! Sounds like it isn't going to work out.
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