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  1. More to what meets the Eye. Do your research on Property values, taxes local, city, and State. Cost of Living. Weather patterns. Flood zones. Infrastructure of locality you plan to reside in. Access to Medical needs and food. First responders locality. Good Luck...
  2. Guntown Drifter, Hello All, I just registered and filled in all the boxes and would like to ask when I printed out the Invoice I was given the amount I paid and a Invoice Number. Is this all I need when I arrive at the Lodge or is there something more to to have on hand for proof of registering. Thanks Yall and looking forward to meeting everyone and seeing a familiar face or two.....
  3. Its been awhile since somebody asked if there was any available info on the VMC National Meet in Colorado. Last word was it was being worked on back on Jan. 6th. Anything so far, just saying. Got a lot of faithful Victory Riders from all over that are interested in this upcoming info so we can get our travel plans made, Thanks Guntown Drifter....
  4. Reservation done, Hope to see some familiar faces from Murfressboro in Ft. Collins and have another fantastic time.... I gotta get some apple pie shine for the trip lol
  5. I and a friend will be leaving the DFW area on 8/18 and going to stay in Lenoir City about 2 1/2 hrs. east of the Embassy Suites for a two night stay. Wednesday we are making a loop on the Tail down to Deals Gap, Robbinsville, Tellico Plains, Vonore and back to the Econo Inn in Lenoir. 162 miles and plenty of time to take it all in. Pack up on Thursday and head to the Embassy for the Meet. We could not pass the chance of riding the Tail of the Dragon being so close by and living so far from it. Hope to see some other Victory Club Members while were there also getting there fix of some Tail. Be on the lookout for a white CC and a white Vision with two happy Texans digging life...take care Craig..
  6. Anyone going to the Dragon on Thursday? I will be in Lenoir City Wednesday pm and all day Thursday and riding the Dragon and other roads solo. It would be cool to meet up with some Vic Riders. I will be headed to the Embassy Suites on the 20th for the entire Meet and all it has to offer. This is going to be fun4sure...
  7. See Yall there, Got my room reserved at the Embassy for the 8/20,20,22, had to get Econo Lodge date for the 19th no rooms at the Embassy. Like to do the meetin and the greetin thing since this will be my first go round at this kind of rodeo..lol,
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