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  1. rbugman

    Maggie Valley

    Long River Rider are heading even further south Dragon, Cherohala, BRP, Wheels thru time
  2. Long River Riders are heading south!
  3. I agree with you, Wouldn't it be something to use the baton as a connection to every chapter to promote the club.
  4. While in MD, Fred, aka "csmclobo", met us en-route and rode with us for several miles on his 99 V92C. We had to stop and say "Hi" and share the baton. Notice his V2V tee shirt from the 2nd annual run. Was a pleasure meeting you!
  5. yeah, Galaxy S7, old phone but it's what I have. Issue, the camera turns OFF after idle of 2-3 minutes. I want to place the phone in the cup holder and take shots as we fly down the road. When the camera is active, "smile" works just fine. I'm not going to distract driving to press the camera button when I'm moving. Well maybe...If I drop the bike down to two wheels. I will see about voice activation. Samsung s voice app is gone.
  6. I've been testing the phone camera voice activated, "smile" snaps a pic but after 5 min, the app turns off. Any suggestions?
  7. Shouldn't all photo's go to the historian or coordinated thru the V2V chair?
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