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  1. Took a scenic route to the arch, made it to the rest stop outside of Hermann and now here at lunch at Lutz's!
  2. Welcome leg 6 riders! The Tennessee crew made it up and even beat the leg 5 guys to the hotel. Will get a good count on the bikes in the morning as we have a couple showing up then.
  3. I went over our route again and if leaving at 9am it showed it would be almost 6 pm when we got to the hotel. So I took out a picture stop (a boat ramp on the river) and moved the start time to 0830 and that puts our arrival time closer to 5 pm. Altogether it is 312 miles and 8.5 hours start to finish and I'm assuming it's with the layover times I have in the route, an hour for lunch, 30 minutes at the war memorial and 15-20 minutes at gas stops. I have printouts of the route directions, don't think we will leave anyone behind as we will mostly be on a 2 lane highway once we are on 94. Other than that, can't think of anything else at the moment until Sunday night at dinner.
  4. Have a safe trip tomorrow guys! Can't wait to watch you roll in Sunday night in Collinsville IL!
  5. If time allows after lunch we can stop by 1 or 2 picture op stops in Jeff city, the front and or back side (where the gas chamber is) of the old Missouri state penitentiary or at the capitol building facing the river we can park and there are a couple memorials there as well. https://youtu.be/1AyFr9ZygYs
  6. So looking into the pool situation at the KC hotel led me to see and notice they don't offer a free continental breakfast there, but with and at the hotel restaurant they offer a breakfast buffet for 10 dollars. Thought that would be a good thing to know as most hotels do offer a free breakfast of some sort. And also confirmed the Hampton in Collinsville does include a hot complimentary breakfast.
  7. So this is a big nevermind as I just seen the shop owner I was thinking of is on vacation till that Monday the 27th. So I reached out to him to verify and unfortunately that is the case. Anyway, I won't say the one word and all will be good.
  8. Was thinking since the leg 6 STL stop is kind of the halfway point and with it being Sunday the 26th when the group would be getting here, if its permissible to reach out to a local shop owner to be on standby if anyone would happen to have any issues once here that would need addressing? His shop is a mere 15 minutes away from the hotel but I figured if he had a heads up he would be in the mindset of possibly having to do a roadside/parking lot fix if needed. Don't know if this has happened before or was needed but I would think trying to find a shop or mechanic last minute especially on a weekend could be a hassle. Ive been to his shop only once but he has been highly recommended and if you want to look him up beforehand his shop is 007 Cycles inc., 1430 state st, granite city, IL.
  9. There are plenty of videos of basecamp on YouTube but haven't seen one yet on the easiest way to share the file. Will look more into it this week.
  10. I used garmin basecamp to make our Missouri route and when I export the gpx file and then try to copy/paste or share in any way it won't let me, not sure why. I saved it to my desktop. Any other tips?
  11. So I had a big long speech and then it disappeared before I could post it, (on Facebook). Anyway I have the Missouri route done with a couple picture stops, gas/rest stops and lunch of course. I'm trying to figure out how to share the GPX file here but not having much luck, (I used garmin basecamp). If anyone has any tips on ways to share let me know.
  12. I'm sure others are aware but I just came across this self guided ride with stops at veterans memorials. There are a couple on the one route I'm planning across Missouri. If anyone still needs to add a rest stop or just wants to stop in general to pay their respects check this site. Click on which state you're traveling through at the top of the page and an interactive map will show where they are with a red circle and white star. https://www.tourofhonor.com/pages/memorials2022ab12.html
  13. @ce1who Do you have your route planned out yet? Still working on a couple routes on my end for the Stl to Kc route, fairly similar but different scenery, but was curious how many miles and how long time wise yours is at? Don't want to overdo it if your having a long day too.
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