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  1. Need to check my schedule but would like to participate in the St. Louis to Indy leg. On that note what are the details for the leg coming from Kansas City? Even if I can't ride on the leg I would at least like to join the group for there nightly dinner here in St. Louis.
  2. Gene, are you guys still meeting at the arch around 8.30 tomorrow? Sorry I couldn't make the route again this time but if I can stay up late enough after work, get off at 6 am, I may meet you down there to say hello from the Gateway chapter.
  3. And with respect to the other Missouri members, the official count was 24, sorry I didn't find or catch up with you other 21 guys and gals, would have liked to say hello and find out where you were specifically from. Chime in if you see this!
  4. Great time finally catching up with our current president Vohn Busby, here with my wife, Rebecca and 2 other members of the Gateway chapter from St. Louis, Louis Soucy and Ross McGovern.
  5. Found my tire split last week! New one will be delivered and mounted Monday or Tuesday! Nothing like a wrench being thrown in to getting the bike ready for a 2 state trip! E3 with a little over 2k miles too. Putting a Shinko on the rear only because they didn't think they could get an E4 or anything else in time.
  6. Looking to participate in at least one leg next year. Isn't there a separate website with general info on preparations like costs and daily itinerary? Basically want to get a head start on what preparations I need to make to the bike and or myself.
  7. Not sure when you will be here in Bloomington at IU but I will be here all week at scout camp and we'll be leaving on Saturday the 30th to head back to St. Louis. So if I see a big group of Vics I'll honk 3 times! Happy trails and ride safe.
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