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  1. Good to see you back doing your thing Will! I still get compliments on all the cool stuff you made for my bike.
  2. Hang tough my friend. As they say; anything that doesn't kill you will make you stronger. You are sure to be one tough hombre when this is all over with...
  3. Lookin' good! I bet you don't ride in the rain very often without a front fender. :D I ran a chopped out Pan like that for years and used to rap a bandana across the forks just above the tire when it rained which wasn't often where I lived at the time.
  4. The red, black, and white ones would match up great with the stock High Ball paint job.
  5. Muy Bueno as they say in Tiajuana. The standard cheese wedges look lame compared to your 3D style here. So you think a key would fit in the right spot there in the V, eh. That would be slick. Even slicker if the key had some kind of piece epoxy'd on that made it look invisible when turned to the off position.
  6. I like it. I really want to see it in the contrast cut scaled down a bit like mentioned. And, as I said in a PM, something like this to fit the tanks would be great as well.
  7. So does this mean it's best to wait for the 12 days to be over with before ordering anything not on sale since the VMC coupon in inactive right now?
  8. Cool beans Jon. Can you remind us what the standard VMC coupon code is please.
  9. They are very nice tips. Chrome must be crazy expensive these days. Not questioning the price. Just noticing how much stuff like this cost these days. I know making small runs make the parts more expensive and understandably so. I just can't help but notice how the auto chrome resonators, probably made in China, are around $50 a pair vs some like these but these are American made I presume.
  10. Kind of mix between bad and good news. I don't know why CA and the Feds are so hell bent on making it so hard for small businesses to make it. Hope this works out well for you all!
  11. I would have liked to have seen a pic from the back without the stock pipes. Has this and the 2-1 been put on the back burner for now John? Are you going to start looking at expanding your line to include parts for the new Indian?
  12. It this one instance; I wish I were closer to LA so we could meet and shoot the breeze for a bit.
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