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  1. This is an excellent question and I think your logic is sound. If you gap it toward the smaller size then as the plug wears the gap will get larger eventually getting toward the larger gap size. I recently replaced the plugs in my XC and went with the smaller/shorter gap because I had gotten some mis-information but the bike runs fine. I'm going to leave it alone and check the gap in 6 months or so to see what the gap is at that time.
  2. Check out this site below and download a free service manual and parts manual for your bike. https://www.mediafire.com/#aoq581k2ab25z
  3. Sounds and looks like the workers are under a lot of pressure to get the parts made, painted, put together, and out the door. The Magnum is a very popular bike right now. I would look at the XC's and XCT's to see if they look the same. Oh, and this is an easy enough fix, but you shouldn't have to be the one to do it. They will need to pull the front fairing off anyway to get to the speaker. Have you pulled the speaker cover to see if it's something simple yet?
  4. I suspect a loose connection or bad ground somewhere. Intermittent electrical problems are the hardest to solve.
  5. Sure sounds like a fuel issue. Rylan Vos rebuilds the fuel pumps for less than the cost of a new one. One way to find out if it's definitely a fuel issue is to spray a bit of carb cleaner or a small bit of starter fluid into the air intake. Remove the air filter first of course. If it fires right up and shuts back down you know you are not getting fuel. At that point it could be a few things. Fuel pump, clogged injectors or fuel filter, intake leak, etc. One of the more knowledgeable Vic mech's will be able to give you more info soon. Please do let us know what you find.
  6. Dollars to donuts it's as Bones said. Either a tire pressure issue or more likely IMHO; a belt tension/alignment issue.
  7. Excellent advice Mags!! I'd be proud to work on any bike with you!
  8. I would talk directly with KevinX or Rylan Vos about this. One thing I have noticed about the Vic's is their electrical system these days seems to work well for the most part but it can have some funny quirks like the right front turn signal having the wiring backwards or something. Electrics is my weak point so that's about all I can offer. There is a great HID kit available for under $100 from http://victoryhid.com/ . I have the low beam on both my bikes and they have worked flawlessly since I installed them. You do need to re-adjust the headlight due to the way they send out the beam so you don't get all the oncoming drivers and riders flashing their lights at ya. ;)
  9. I think I remember seeing a video about how the batteries and starters are the same on all the Vic's. It's a few years old now so I'm not sure if it is still how it is but I remember thinking about how it was such a good idea to keep things the same like that if they were good and reliable from the start (er). ;)
  10. Give Rylan Vos from the Vic Shop a call. He also rebuilds fuel pumps which would save you money if that is the problem. Rylan Vos: Calling is better than PM's or e-mails 515-339-4313
  11. I agree with you. The longer filter is better. I may have even read something about using longer filters in a service manual. I know I read about it somewhere for Vic's just not sure where.
  12. I use Bike Spirits to clean my bike and started using to clean the windshield on my car. I also use it on both windshields of the bikes. I was pleasantly surprised to find it does exactly what Rain-X does by letting the rain sheet off. Haven't needed to ride either bike in the rain yet but it should work the same way on the windshields. I have been using it for around a year with no problems so far on the bikes. Original Bike Spirits I have heard it's sold at some auto parts stores but I keep forgetting to look when I'm in one.
  13. The sealmate might work but anything like a thin piece of firm cardboard like what a package for a box of cigarettes will do. Cut a soda can and dull the leading edge. Anything like that. I think the forks get new oil and seals every 15k miles if going by the book. How many miles on your bike?
  14. Could just be the belt needing some adjustment. Rub a bar of soap on both sides of the belt and see if it goes away. If it does you know it's the belt. I would also check both pulley's for bolt tightness. Especially the front one.
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