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  1. Take the side cover to the paint store and have the match it. Vic Paint is to much$$$$$$ and hard to shoot. I painted a set Indy red. I can get you the mix code if you would like. May even have some left you could try to see if the color is OK.
  2. I will be giving up my room, we will not be making it this year. First person to PM me i will call and change the room to your name.
  3. Will, I got your Crome Victory Tranny and Derby covers. I will post pics soon. I am waiting for the handle bar from Santa Rosa, Emailed Preston a week ago and have had no reply.
  4. $20Chrome and Car-less home safe Had a great time!
  5. We leave tomorrow at 7:30 am and will be there Wednesday.
  6. Stud to hub=25 lb-ft Nuts = 60 lb-ft Hope this helps. Craig
  7. Kevin, If having one day, that day being a Monday will help free someone up to go(I don't think it will) I think you will lose just as many as you may gain with kids being back in school or members/spouses that work for schools. I may be wrong, but if we think August is too busy then go to the Fourth of July, the Birthday of Victory Motorcycles and you will get your three days.
  8. Thank You Very Much Everyone! 4300 miles round trip very little rain. Home safe and sound. $20CHROME
  9. Check the national meet announcement thread. There are two or three and I believe they have a bus that goes back and fourth.
  10. I think that one is lift hand thread and one is right hand thread.
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