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  1. Jon...I'll be at AVR at Spirit Lake, IA in 2.5 weeks...are you gonna be there? If so, I could pick the stand up there. Just a thought.
  2. Oh...and do you require a core? If so, I would send my shortened stand back to you. Also...I am in no hurry for the CUSTOM shortened stand...I can pay now or when you get it done...your call.
  3. Jon...lets try a different angle on this. I respect and appreciate your saying you think a stock would work fine. I tend to believe you, but I am still interested in a SLIGHTLY shortened kickstand. OK...so lets say you normally shorten the LOWERED bike kickstands by 2"...what if I wanted one ONLY shortened by 1/2"-3/4"? I may have the actual numbers wrong, but I think you know what I mean. I'd still like it to lean as opposed to standing straight up (or straighter up). Can we do that...and I'll also buy 2 of the padded feet.
  4. Yes...thanks for posting a picture as to where to measure. I'll be looking for it. No, I don't have the stock one. Yes, I only lowered 1". Which is why I was wanting a CUSTOM JOB where the stand is only SLIGHTLY shortened. I'll wait for your measurement guide and we'll see how short my kickstand really is... Thanks Jon. Wally
  5. 1. No, when I lowered the bike, I changed the stand at the same time. 2. It could have bent a little, but I really don't think so. I just know that I have to be aware of where I park and avoid any kind of depression or sloped (to the left) surfaces. 3. Yes, I can get a measurement for you. Where do you measure from and to where? I just want to make sure our measurements match. :y: Thank you Jon for working with me. Wally
  6. Jon...I had my bike lowered by 1" just a little over a year ago and I am happy with the way it rides...just not too happy with the way it sits on the stand. I did not get this stand from you...thought I would let you know that. I think the SHORTENED KICKSTAND is just too short. The bike lean is pretty steep. So, I have some questions for you. First, do you do your own modifications on the kickstand in regards to shortening and chroming them? If so, could I get a "custom length" shortened kickstand? And how much would you charge for this service...the same as your regular shortened stands? A couple of times on a sloped surface or depression in the ground, I have had trouble getting it back upright because it leans so far...and several people have even mentioned how far over it leans. I am including a picture so you can see the lean angle. I love my bike lowered (and I love the bike too of course), but if I can get a "custom shortened" stand instead of the "one fits all" stand that is good for 1-3" lowered...then I would be even happier. Can you help?
  7. I was only able to show up on Saturday, and unfortunately I didn't get a chance to meet but a few of you. Those that I did meet were very nice and helpful. I am sorry I missed the majority of the meet, but I know I will be making more of these... I would like to have met Tom and some of the others I see on here frequently, but like I said...I know I'll get to next time. Thanks to everyone that came and I'll apologize for MOTHER NATURE to give you such a RUDE welcoming from Arkansas (damn you Isaac!). Wally
  8. Tom...I did send you a private message inquiring about this...however, I was able to make the trip on Saturday and picked mine and MilesX welcome bags. Again...I spent a few hours there, but wished I could have spent the night... Wally (ArkieBiker)
  9. Straight line winds do lots of damage in Hot Springs. http://www.todaysthv.com/news/article/220985/2/Storm-damage-in-Hot-Springs-
  10. Just curious...is there gonna be a confirmation of registration? Also...will there be a list of people attending (nicknames, names and locations)? Thanks, Wally
  11. OK...paid my registration and reserved Friday night at the Austin...Hope to see you all there. Wally
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