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  1. One thing i learned from the National Meet... They count different out there.... 8 counts twice... LOL Great write up... just make me feel bad I didn't make it, why don't you.... I hope Travellin' Tigger behaved himself...
  2. WTF?? 5 pics of Burt and Diane.. and only ONE of Ira & Melanie?? It's a conspiracy!!!
  3. Take out everything after "Home" and it will work..
  4. Glad you, Burt and Stoggy are safe.. wish I was there... :y:
  5. Wickles should already be packed... it's a given...
  6. 1) Sense of humor 2) Leave wife at home 3) Leather thong 4) Assless chaps 5) Vaseline 6) Banjo 7) Bandages 8) Grain alcohol (glass container because it'll melt plastic) 9) Patron for the wussies... 10) camera with erasable memory 11) girlfriend with erasable memory 12) a bird for Jethro 13) Crown for Lobs 14) stripper for Lobs (it's the only way to keep him occupied.. if you don't bring one, he'll find one) 15) packet of Sharpies (multi colored) 16) I Slept With Tigger t-shirt 17) Travellin Tigger 18) blow up doll so you never ride alone 19) blow up doll so you never sleep alone (after you get drunk and piss off the wife, the girlfriend, and the stripper) 20) Phone number of someone you can trust to pick you up and not leave you in a puddle of your own vomit and save you from jail Sounds like you have some planning to do... LOL
  7. Home.. dry... and absolutely satisfied.. :y:
  8. uhhhhh...... uhhhhhhh..... still trying to talk her into it...
  9. I'm going to step out there with ANOTHER nomination... kevinx... Talk about one hell of a mechanic... an ambassador for the brand... all around good guy... Kevin has overcome many things in the past to make it to where he is now... The ONLY mechanic I completely trust with my bike... Always there when you need him with the correct answer the first time... Always answers your questions, no matter how stupid they are.. He changed the headlight bulbs in my Vision (that's worth a free room itself)... Has let me crash at his place on several occaisions... General....... need I say more?... LIVES.... and LOVES life..... Loves his brothers unconditionally... unless you pee in his drink bottle... We are ALL his family.... and are all welcome at his place... (dinner on him Friday night).. Newberry Backyard BBQ is RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER... This man has helped countless Vic owners to understand their bike and it's idiosyncracies... we have ALL benefitted from his expertise... He doesn't mind being called... "swoopy"... One National Championship... one Heisman trophy winner... and STILL can't beat Auburn!!! :y: He has a kick ass wife.... a kick ass dog.... and a kick ass work ethic... He has the most posts.... I'm honored to be able to call him my friend.... Another damn fine nomination.. another well deserved nomination.... OH... and he kicked my April 1 post OVER THE TOP!!! :y:
  10. I also think Jim deserves the free room. Acted as Prez on a moments notice and did a damn fine job... 2 Lobsterfests at his house at HIS EXPENSE.... A fine rider and ambassador for Victory motorcycles... He leans his Vision like a sumbitch... He let Gladiator pee in the back seat of his truck... He came close to losing everything he had in the fires while still trying to sell discounted 50" plasma TVs, get ready for the SE Meet, run a business, and make plans for the National Meet.. He will take you fishing or crabbing... or fishing and give you crabs... Crown is like apple juice.... He has a kick ass pad... a kick ass family... and especially a kick ass wife for putting up with us heathens for two years in a row... He never asks for anything in return... He let me ride my first Vic without a hint of who I was or my riding experience (before it became the Reaper)... He made sure our brother from the great Northwest had the Reaper to ride when he flew down for Lobsterfest last year... There are so many things Jim has done for not only the whole club, but for members from around the country.. He does it without asking anything in return and he does it because he is a genuinely good guy.. (unless you piss on his back seat)... :blnk I know his intent was not to be nominated, but I think it is as fitting a nomination as can be made... and a damn well deserved one as well... it's the least we could do... :y:
  11. Maybe I should make an appt and tell Lloyd I want to be able to pull my Vision away from golfer's Vision in any race... 8)
  12. OK... If someone will share a bed.... uh... I mean.. room with me... then I'll consider it... Would want to go Thursday and leave Monday... :beer
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