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  1. Joe, I sent you an email. I will be in rapid city and near you before convention if your interested in meeting up and riding. My number is 816 729 8044 Ben
  2. Anyone going to sturgis and other sd locations before the convention. Im staying in rapid city on monday, tuesday, wednesday then heading to ft. Collins on thursday. Victory is setting up on wednesday in sturgis. Text or call me if interested in meeting up. 8167298044 ben
  3. Anyone interested in riding around sturgis and other sites before convention....found B&B for 120/night and rooms still available from july 30-aug 3.
  4. Im planning on meeting up in St.louis and riding back to kc. What time and location will the group be leaving st. Louis?
  5. im confused...is this event the national vmc meet or just your state meet??
  6. This will be my 1st event. I just got my XC in September. I know its still early but I would like to get a group to go ride the Dragon's tail since its 3 hours away from Nashville and I live in Kansas City, so getting this close to the dragon's tail, I don't want to miss doing it. anyone want to join me and what other events go on?? I tried to find last year itinerary, just to see what goes on but there is nothing.
  7. Looking for people to go with me thursday morning of the meet to ride the tail of the dragon. Leave the embassy hotel around 830. Eat lunch at the tail, ride it then will be back for dinner. If interested call or text me. 8167298044. I will be at hotel the night before. Im coming from kansas city. Ben
  8. anyone interested in riding to the dragon's tail? this will be my 1st convention, I got my XC in September. I really want to go ride the tail. also, does the convention do like a bike show contest??? I am entering my bike into the Wide Open Magazine Bike show in January in KC. If I win my division it will be put in the magazine.
  9. fyi...rooms are still available at the host hotel, you just wont get the club discount. I called today for a friend and they still had a few rooms left but they said discount wouldn't work. so the room will cost $165. this will be my 1st big event and im riding the tail of the dragon and skyway on Thursday. leaving embassy around 8am. I might have 1 person leaving with me but multiple people joining up at dragon or on the way back. if you want to meet up or join me for the ride....call or text me at 8167298044 ben
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