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  1. The nice thing about using mapquest.com is that you can "click & drag" to see what happens if you change your route. Like others have suggested, I would avoid NYC and try to take the Taconic Parkway - beautiful ride. Both suggestions are dead-on. Only a couple of warnings about the Taconic though - watch out for deer & the law. Lots of both on the Taconic. Kevin
  2. As I mentioned in this thread: http://forums.thevmc.com/bb/forums/thread-view.asp?tid=87200&posts=2#M858650, the Victory-sponsored "Road2ACure" is heading up to Boston on July 4th. It would be an incredible thing to coordinate with this tour and bring Chris Calaprice and his entourage into Boston with a phalanx of Victory riders. Kevin
  3. Will, as I said via E-mail, I plan to make the trip. We should plan the trip down too. :) Kevin
  4. "Arrival 4:30 AM" means... arrival at the base of the mountain or arrival at the Town & Country Inn? How far away is the mountain from the Town & Country Inn? I might be up for this but 4:30... hmmm. That might be doable if it's the parking lot. :) :)
  5. "None" worked. Thanks. I just sent you another E-mail about the "REGISTRATION PAID" entry box. Kevin
  6. Why does the "VMC National Meet" require a local affiliation to register?? Isn't a VMC membership enough to attend the national meet? I haven't decided if I am going to join a local affiliate because I'm located among 3 groups and I can't decide which one I want to join. Kevin
  7. Will, call me crazy, but couldn't you out some sort of spring mechanism on the bottom that you allow you to rig up an "easy on/easy off" system for the rear seat? I was thinking of something that you could bolt to the passenger seat bottom that would create a plate with bolts that would stick through holes in the rack and by using some sort of spring-loaded clamp, hold it on there. If you stick a release tab/hook/loop out of the back, you could pull the release, lift up the seat and have a solo rack. FWIW, I would all over something like that!! Sorry if my engineering background is coming out. :) Kevin
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