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  1. Sorry I missed it.... Bev has some great photos of the event however.
  2. Will is da man, when it comes to vendors here. He has always done me right, and will make it right with anyone having issues right now. I trust him.
  3. Will, I can relate. I'll be thinking of ya buddy. Maybe you need to bring the girls out to California for a little RnR. Take care, Tim
  4. Just in case you were wondering...... 304 more days!
  5. Rainmans- He's making it for Bevs Vegas... ;)
  6. Will hang in there buddy.... do you need another trip out west? Has that seminar stuck with you?
  7. Again Will.... I ordered the chrome uppers last week and boom, here they were waiting for me today when I got home! Great job and they look fantastic too! I already have them on the bike. I will take a photo of them tomorrow and send it off to you. Thanks for the awesome customer service! Tim
  8. Will- I emailed you, you called me back within hours, you responded to my emails..... I ordered the chrome lowers for my Vision on Feb 12, I received them today! Three days! WOW, and they look fantastic too! I can't wait to get them on the bike. Thanks so much! You are #1 Tim
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