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  1. What a great coincidence to be at the right place at the right time. Looking forward to riding leg 4 with everyone tomorrow.
  2. post deleted by poster, me.
  3. Will, I'd very much like to be able to meet you in LA, shake your hand, and let you know just how much I personally appreciate what you bring to this group. Unfortuanely, I'm in Seattle. Suffice it to say, I think your attitude comes from a strong place and will carry you thru this as well. Namaste, Greg
  4. With all due respect to Crypto my tastes tend towards the smooth where one shape flows into another. My favorite is the smooth, tapered design on the bottom right of the top pic.
  5. Ready to make lots of tiny Jello shots!! Anyone see that Mythbuster episode where they dimpled a car to test the aerodynamic effects similar to that of a golf ball? Turns out, it worked. The dimpling on these could save fuel AND look cool! :tu
  6. Ummm, I hope those have quick release fasteners so they can be carried with the rider at all times. WoW!!! They look fantastic!!
  7. Ok are we ready to Zip 'em up and get back on topic here? :kick
  8. Was just doing some planning and found that this isn't on the main VMC Calendar! Is that someone's job or is it open to anyone to update? Just curious.
  9. We just registered and as mentioned above there is no means to express food preferences if following the VMC Store link. Along that same thought thread, from a crowd control standpoint will those who ponied up and paid be identified from those who have not at all these events? I see no mention of wristbands or other couture accessories to help with that issue.
  10. The Engine & Derby covers are kandied and ready for install. The first big show is quickly approaching at the end of March and the last pieces are coming together for re-assembly. Thx again Will for helping me to realize my vision and for the great customer service that helps to make that vision possible. I'll post install pics when they become available.
  11. Yes, just took 'em to the painter for kandying. These are the last pieces left before the bike can be re-assembled. It's starting to get exciting.
  12. Those are eye-grabbers! As always, nicely done Will.
  13. Wow, I love the water and am really digging those aquatic marine designs. Can't wait to see pics of them on the bike. Very cool!!!
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