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  1. Whats this event about? Is it any good? I may have this weekend free.
  2. A cold front came through today, its gonna be a chilly week Will.
  3. oh yea... need to talk about redoing a seat on the cross country Im picking up... stock seat sucks
  4. I heard cycleops mentioned on 2 different stages during the toy run and I was on the other side of the park... nice job dickhe..... urrr I mean Will 8) sorry we didnt get to chat much, I got friggen dehydrated from being hungover and parking all those non riding SOB's. it was like 85 degrees and 90% humidity... I think I ended up pushing 200 bikes backwards cause they couldnt park worth a crap in the grass.
  5. With all due respect.... FUCLY! but thats just me own opinion.
  6. I've been naughty and it was worth it Santa, you fat judgemental bastard!
  7. October 25-28 in the awesome North Georgia mountains... Still a few rooms available... must give code name "Lobster" or they will tell you sold out. http://www.thelodgeatcopperhead.com/index.cfm?Content=12&Menu=3
  8. Finally stopped raing today here, it rained non stop for 2 days from Isaac, hopefully it will turn east once it hits land and leave you guys high and dry.
  9. sweet!!! Wish I knew you were coming down, we will be at Froggies this weekend... gonna join us? We make the SE rally drinking party look like a tea party. :beer
  10. http://forums.thevmc.com/bb/forums/thread-view.asp?tid=103744&posts=140#M1112422 On the fence? Heres your chance. Best riding in the country.
  11. Witchdoctor is sponsoring a bike contest at lobsterfest. $50.00 gift card for 1st place and $25.00 for 2nd place. It will be Saturday around dinner time. Thanks Jon!!!!!
  12. Great looking scoot!!!! Mine looks better though. 8)
  13. Where is Helen GA? Is there booze at this event? Nekkid women????
  14. http://www.ironhorsenc.com/index.html October 6-9 call iron horse and make your reservations under code "lobsterfest". cabins, rooms, bunkouses, camping, rv parking. Its 20 minutes from deals gap AKA the dragon... blue ridge parkway...Cherahola skyway.... The best riding on this side of America.
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