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  1. I hope that the coast of FL doesn't get hit too hard. Ironic it's named "Matthew, ( also my brother's name) translated it means "gift from god." Some gift!!
  2. Who's going? Headed over for 2 days after visiting relatives in St.Pete. My brother's riding over with me on his Indian and we're staying in New Smyrna Bch. VIC HQ, the VMC or SE Region got any events plan during? -----
  3. Res. Made. Giddy up!! 8)
  4. Good story & vid. Rode the Million Dollar Hwy back in Aug. as part of my annual long trip ( and some of those other roads) and it should be on everyone's "bucket List." CO is awesome! 8) Those who have never rode CO and can go to the Nat'l Meet will never forget it. Guaranteed!
  5. After the Meet We took a little ride up into , the Adirondacks & Alex. Bay and home. Got home Fri afternoon. 1844.9 mi.'s. Great job by the AVR's; good company, good weather, good riding. 8)
  6. Left Daytona, spent a few more days in FL and took a little ride. Left Key West and up thru the Glades and up 41 to my brother's in St.Pete and home 8)
  7. Headed to Fl to check on my mother and make some arrangements and making a two day stop at BIKETOBERFEST. Anything VMC related going on?
  8. Some of mine! Except for a minor issue with a rear wheel bearing on Greg's bike starting out (that could have been worse) we had a great time and the hosts out did themselves. :tu
  9. Perfect! I love it! Been in the high 90's and low 100's for weeks here.
  10. Had friends from N.Y & WV, and my brother & his bride from St.Pete: FL all book rooms today. Might need to check other hotels after today. 8)
  11. :appl :appl :appl :appl :appl The Meet in MT continues to raise the bar. :inw
  12. Excellent! We'd been planning on doing Nova Scotia again and now can hit the Meet on the way back. :y:
  13. Home! 4,800 + mi's and what an adventure. (Pikes Peak, Sturgis, been there, done that, got the pin.) Jim and the NW crew set the bar for the next one. Was great to meet and put faces to those you talk to on the VMC and shoot the shit with old friends. 'Till next time. :chpr
  14. Took over 123 pics but here's a sample.
  15. Too cool! :y: Dave Pearce had lost the mustache by the time I rode V2V 4 with him. 8)
  16. Can you say "center of gravity?" Couple you dudes need one of these. I got one and you don't even know it's there ,even at speeds up to 100mph. 8) http://www.alsmotorcycleaccessories.com/uni_mate_one_wheel_trailer.html
  17. Dang Pete! I was looking forward to riding it in the Shriner's Christmas parade. 8)
  18. Confirmed at the BHCC Thurs thru Sun; and only a short 2000 mi ride to get there. :tu
  19. Saw it. :y: Good segment on the 'Victory' Hwy. They did a good one not long ago on Rt.66 too.
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