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  1. This was my very first time/year involved, and it was a GREAT time for me to be a participant! So I would like to thank EVERYONE involved putting this awesome event on!!! :y: Looking forward to next year's already!
  2. Thanks for all the great photos Guie!! It was really a nice time meeting and riding with other Victory riders! :y: Rob I know you've got some good ones to post up too............ :yho
  3. Please any and everyone involved in LEG 10 from Plainfield In to Hebron Ohio.......... please post your photos here, so we all can share them amongst each other. First off, I want to say that me (Ernie) and my wife (Scheryl) thoroughly enjoyed participating in OUR very first annual V2V Relay! Met a bunch of SUPER NICE folks....... come to find out they are all actually family ~ VICTORY FAMILY!!! :y: We had 16 Vics cruising through Indiana into western Ohio.... it was an awesome sight to behold! Travels were smooth and steady. Had some pretty dog-gone good weather too, after the severely high temps earlier on in the V2V. We all had an excellent stop/visit with the NEW CARLISLE/DAYTON, Ohio VICTORY Dealership also! They were sweatin' over a hot grill when we arrived, and served us all up some awesome grub for lunch...... and man was I starving too!!! :blsh They had a drawing and gave away some nice prizes to V2V participants. They also rewarded us all with a generous discount on all in store merchandise! My thanks to the WONDERFUL staff for all you guys did for us today...... VERY MUCH APPRECIATED!!! A pic of the bikes before leaving the hotel in Plainfield, Indiana this morning (a group pic of riders to come soon by another camera).... A pic of the New Carlisle Victory Dealership.... And a pic of all the bikes lined up and the dealership....
  4. Thanks guys! I rode Nessie into work today with no worries on the ride in....... thanks to your quick feedback I felt at ease! :y:
  5. Thanks Kevin, I appreciate the quick feedback! That is what I was hoping to hear. I'm going to take my chances with her tomorrow anyway, it's a long round trip for work though! And not much help on the roads around here at 4am either!! :what
  6. So much for my bell..................... (inside joke) Anyway, the other day (Sunday) while out riding for about an hour, I stopped to fill the tank. When I went to crank Nessie back up, the battery seemed weak at first, but fired up second attempt. Rode another 15mins home. Today (Thursday) I backed her out of the garage, and again the battery seemed weak upon starting, but fired up. Rode the bike 8-10mins to get a haircut. Came out to leave only for the bike to barely even turn over! After a couple attempts, it wouldn't turn at all. So I got a jump, and when I removed the cables, it died! Jumped again, let her run with cables on for apprx 3mins. Removed the cables and it started to die, and I gave it some gas to keep it running. I got no more than 50-60yds and the Engine Light came on. Less than 10mins from home, I was going to baby it unless I noticed something getting worse. Well about 1 mile into it, she started spittin', backfiring, and losing power! Before I could shut her down, she died. Of course it wouldn't turn over anymore after that. Got her home on the trailer (long time passed!), and then went and bought a good sealed battery. She fired right up, purred like a kitten, let her idle for 4-5mins..... and took off out the driveway. Went a few miles with all kinds of RPM and torque changes................ With no Engine Light, no spittin & sputtering, no problems!! Now I bought the bike a few months ago, not sure how old the battery was. But does it sound like a STATOR PROBLEM more so than a battery problem??? Or will the bike not run on the stator alone, and has to have some strength in the battery?? I just assume the engine light came on, and the sputtering occurred............. because of a weak ignition system?!? Will the engine light come on just from that (battery) source? So is the battery the only culprit? PLEASE........ what are your thoughts? Thanks in advance!!! I want to ride NESSIE into work tomorrow, but scared of what might happen............!
  7. I just installed my MBW's today! Sure hope mine doesn't crack! Hate to hear of the issue....!
  8. Woo Hoo! I'm getting excited about it now that we finally booked our room in Sturgis! We were just so unsure if we could even make it for a while there.
  9. We're sorry to hear that Keith! Scheryl and I send our prayers to you and your loved ones
  10. Thanks for sharing the pcs, love the action shots!! :tu :chpr
  11. Awesome! Thanks Rob I've already printed up my waiver and will have it with me as well. What time should I arrive though?
  12. Guie, or whom else it may concern for Leg 10... Looks like I might be able to make some of the LEG after all, from Plainfield heading into Ohio! My previously scheduled mid-morn appointment has now been cancelled! Tho I do still have an early afternoon appointment to uphold. So anyway............ I would like to meet you guys/gals, and ride along with y'all representing VICTORY, and supporting our great country's people!!! So please count 1 more bike in leaving from Plainfield Best Western on Sat 30th, just watch for the 05 Vegas pictured below. Who should I most definitely look for when I arrive..... in order to get "registered"? And how early should I arrive??? Thanks! Ernie Mosley Cell: 317-441-2301
  13. Where are you guys departing from out of Plainfield to start Leg 10? About what time might yall be pulling out on the 30th? As of right now, me and my wife can't make any of the ride (I don't think), but would like to at least see yall off maybe! We only live 15mins from there. Thanks :y:
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