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  1. Smooth sided one with a black spade or club on top and I'm sold. Thank You
  2. Any guess on price and availability? Thanks
  3. Ordered a set last week and was told the mounting bracket is on a 3 week backorder.
  4. Ultimate cover, is that the adapter that sticks out farther than stock? I would really perfer the cover to not stick out any farther than the stock one. Thanks
  5. For a derby cover design how hard would it be (I should say expensive) to have a raised spade in solid black the same shape as Bicycle has on their deck of cards. The rest of the cover in chrome or polished billet? Thanks
  6. It looks great, can't wait to see the finished product. Getting any closer on more info for the covers?
  7. Here is the picture of the spade I want on the covers besides the one I originally showed you on post #9. Thanks again....
  8. Sorry this not being able to edit thing is really annoying. For the derby cover I would like the same spade for both the derby and 6 speed cover in chrome and have the spade raised in black. I completley changed my mind on the cheese wedge and am going to stick with all spade theme. I want this picture below for the cheese wedge in chrome. Where it says bicycle on the deck I want it to say JACKPOT instead in that same font. Also take out the words "lefty deck" and "Bicycle 808" just because I feel they would be to small to read anyways. Thanks again.
  9. Well PM me a price on the two when you get a more final design on them. I am still pretty interested in your royal flush derby cover as well, but now I can't decide if I want the same spade design for a derby cover or not? I will think it over. Thanks PS since I can't edit my past post. I perfer the cheese wedge style on the left with that top font I posted but like the style of the 7's on the right cheese wedge without the flames. Also I would like the spade to be raised like you mentioned.
  10. I like the one on the left, obviously if the sevens were aligned without the arrows and in one of these two fonts (top font my favorite)? What do you think?
  11. A raised spade would be pretty cool actually. Could I see the 777 artwork you already have? Thanks again
  12. For the right side engine cover or whatever it is called the the cover that says 6 speed on it how much extra effort would it take to make a cover in chrome with this spade in black like this one. Then for a single cheese wedge design a outline of this seven image without the line going through the sevens with the word "JACKPOT" arched in similar font going above or below the image (wherever there is more room)? Thanks again
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