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  1. Does everyone know about the Wesson oil and the slip and slide thing? :blnk
  2. Outstanding. Great job to all of you involved. Many thanks to Dave, Chris and all the Palmer Divide folks who took this challenge on. We enjoyed our Colorado trip very much.
  3. Great job, Ichi Here's our prez riding the charity Vic out of the hotel. Sorry to those who can't bend their necks, just do the best you can :chpr CEWDcxxTTrs
  4. How "for sure" do you need? :blnk "it'll be Sept 16th-18th" Can't really be stated any "surer" than that. so every year, for many years, it's asked when the date will be. It shall forever remain the weekend following the week of Labor day, not to be confused with the Saturday and Sunday immediately following the Monday holiday, but the weekend AFTER that. This erases all doubts and helps with planning. Look at the September calendar for this year, find Labor day (hint, it's Sept 5th), run your finger to end of that week,,,and that's NOT it. Pick the following we
  5. I do understand what you're saying, the overage, wherever it goes, does look excessive at the added expense of the members. I'm one of those who sit back while others do all the work so I can then pay up and enjoy the fruits of their labor. That said, I didn't really object to the amount of the registration cause I'm not doing anything other than hopping on the bike in August and showing up. I do completely agree with you that the majority of available event funds from our yearly memberships should be used for the event.
  6. Hey Bob, I don't have anything to do with planning this event but from looking at the agenda thread, it looks like the Saturday night banquet dinner requires tickets which will be given at check in/registration to those who paid. I know months ago when I paid for myself and my wife, we also picked out our entree for the meal. From that it would seem that if you don't want to pay for this event, you'd simply receive no swag nor be able to eat and attend the Sat night banquet ........or follow ichi's advice, :tu
  7. A beer in one hand and a weird looking metal bong in the other.......I see a possible V2V in my future! Long live the VMC :chpr
  8. Flash said we'll just borrow yours! :tu
  9. :tu another positive benefit of being a VMC member :tu
  10. What a great looking group of Victory's and Vicsters. Congrats on what was obviously a great event. This IS the VMC :tu
  11. LOL, we keep applying for "FLASH", so should we get it, you can have this wall hanger!
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