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  1. Hell I did not see one naked Girl on any ones bike
  2. I am going to be up there around 1pm on wed 8/4
  3. When you go though NYC if you do and if your trilering your bike stay off any park way with a triler as this is a $200. fine
  4. I hope all is ok wil as we heard that no one showed up at mt. graylock and we hung around at the old north bridge in concord ma. till 6:30 and we did not hear form any one. Just hope every body is all right.
  5. I just got home from the Daytona bike week and had a great time. Thanks for all your post, and even that we had some cold nights it's better then the snow we are having now in MA. I drove stright through all 24hr to get home and got a ticket :bm in ny for being on the wrong hwy with the trailer but they need the money so they can fix thows pot holes.:tu
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