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  1. I’m looking for a roommate if somebody needs to help lower their motel cost. Contact me if you have extra room. Robin Atkison aka pops member #4611.
  2. I’m looking to see if I can share the motel with you. I’m a male, 5’8”, 170lbs, 66 years old, married. Just me on this trip. Cell # 406-231-5460 call or text. Robin Atkison aka Pops, member #4611. Thanks
  3. if anybody has a spare bed or couch or a motel room half empty at the meet, please let me know. Am looking to share cost. I am a retired military Montana Air Nationa Guard veteran. I ride an 07 KPT. I plan to ride all the way around our great country this summer. Keeping my cost down will be a concen. Thanks. POPS :tu :usf
  4. How are the tubes for taking them off and cleaning them? 8)
  5. I'm in the middle of Mt. and I have a KP but no mustang seat. My factory seat is just fine for me. I'm 165 lbs on 2 stilds.
  6. Jim,, you have any idea of how many will be showing up to the meet? 100?,,, 1000's?,, 100,000's?,,,, couple a million? yyyeeeeeehhaaaaa. come on summer.
  7. You need new back-up pads for the bottom of your boots...LOL...just kidding,,,,,, I had an older jap bike that did the same problem and ended up replacing the front brake pads and replacing the brake caliper up there too. Took care of the problem. :jstr
  8. keep 'er in the up-right position and ride while you can. glad they did get her fixed. you're right,, 5 weeks? Be Safe!
  9. sounds like a dealer that doesn't give a damn. or might not have any mechs. that know anything. or maybe they want your victory and all other victorys look bad. That's really sad that there are dealers out there like that. A good dealer and knowledgable mechs would have got your vic back on the road in a day or two. Did the engine make any noise before quitting? Any unusual noises anywhere? It sounds like the service mgr and service writer better do some PR with their customers. Better luck to you and let us know how it turned out and what "they said" the problem was.
  10. I'ld take her to a dealer to hear it and tell him about the shifting, beings it's real easy to up shift all of a sudden. Maybe something in the clutch assembly.
  11. you mean seattle gets some sun now and again??? :? :y: :bm
  12. I use to work at VW and Audi dealerships and we used a product Called BG44K. It's works very well in cleaning out the carbon on the back of intake valves and on top of the pistons. It disolves the "glue" that's in gasoline that binds the carbon together. It removes it gently, not in chunks or flakes. It works very well in cleaning the fuel injectors, too. I've done many a carbon recalls for Audi's.
  13. I don't use Slick50. It has been ruled to not use it in airplanes, so it doesn't go in any of my wheeled machines.
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