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  1. I just found a new speed sensor today. My engine will cut off at slow speeds from time to time. I've done the same diagnosis that you did and really couldn't figure out what the problem was. I'll drop in the new sensor at some point. Thanks for the info on this!
  2. I purchased all new cables from WD and echo their great customer service. Also, their "how to" videos are awesome. https://www.youtube.com/user/witchdoctorbillet/videos
  3. I talked to my dealer this morning and ordered a new sensor. Even though my leak is slow, oil did blow back onto the rear disk brake calliper (which I cleaned) while on a ride this Sat. Thankfully it is just a slow leak at this point, but there is no telling when the dripping oil turns into bigger problem. I plan on replacing the part this week and do an early oil change.
  4. The oil is not coming out of the threaded part of the sensor that goes into the oil pan. It is coming out at the end of the sensor where the sensor wire clips on. I am thinking I need to replace the part. I appreciate any advice.
  5. I am dripping oil at the oil pressure sensor. The service manual says to apply Loctite 565 or pipe sealant. What tool do you use to remove/tighten this pressure sensor? I plan on removing it when I drain the bike for an oil change. I have a 2006 Hammer. Thanks, Brian
  6. I replaced the adapter on my '06 Hammer with the stock airbox; without removing oil lines; removed fuel lines. I agree now that it takes some work. Of the 6 hex nuts on the throttle body, the three on the oil line side are the biggest PITAs. Be sure to replace the 2 o-rings. My next purchase is the S&S airbox...can't wait!
  7. I pulled the tank and cleaned the throttle body tonight. The low fuel light now flickers at times vs. coming on when I roll the throttle. I guess the sensor might be going bad.
  8. I am speaking with my local vic dealer about this matter. Has anyone determined what the cause is? My local tech hasn't heard of this issue. Thanks!
  9. I cleaned my throttle bodies for the first time tonight. Hammer has 16,500 miles on it. They were dirty little throttle bodies. My rpm at idle went from 500 to 1200. Now I have to adjust the idle down. I have my old Hammer back!
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