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  1. thats hots springs arkansas. A dam lot closer than arizona. gonna hope i can get vacation time for this one.
  2. gonna be at the broken spoke from the 8th to the 13th. Cant wait.
  3. id certainly be interested. Stayed at the ironhorse this past spring. Great place all around.
  4. After leaving billings saturday afternoon, I cheked out Sturgis sunday morn. I rode hard back to Toronto after that. Great riding, Had a great time. I cant wait to do it again.
  5. Made it home sunday night after 15 hours o riding through the nice scenery of the eastern mountains. First time at a VMC meet and i had a great time. Thanks to all who made it happen.
  6. Solo rider leaving thrusday and hopefully in cherokee by friday evening and staying the saturday.
  7. Im trying to sweettalk my boss into giving me a couple days off, so as i could ride down. Would probably camp as my budget is tight.
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