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  1. We had a blast Thank you Billings Riders and dealership for all your efforts.
  2. tried sample on '02 V92 it's about an inch to narrow to be tight. Would look great if it fit and would buy one if it fit.
  3. email me the info. I have already spoke with dealer and setting up a Victory Bulletin Board for such things.
  4. Im interested in this years route when someone knows
  5. I like em and will probably order some soon
  6. We are leaving Arizona on the 25th and will be heading through Iowa to Billings. Our son is following us up to college in Orange City, IA to Northwestern College. He was recruited to get an education and is lucky enough to play football while doing it. We have reservations in Billings for the 29th. We had planned to be in Orange City, IA on the 28th with a short stop and head for Billings. If that works for you or someone else let us know, we are part of the Desert Dwellers and love to run in packs. Bubba & Val
  7. The cabins sound good to us can we get a number to call if its available Brian
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