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  1. I know what I said before but I keep coming back to look at these... :) Could you maybe post a link to a CAD drawing that we could download & print the shape of these so they can be overlapped on the stock boards?
  2. Those look fabulous Will. However, I'd punch a hole in my shins every time I backed up the bike.
  3. Sigh. Now I have to save up for those contrasting floorboards...
  4. LOL no worries, mate - I've got the bike apart for the hard lower install so you really don't have to hurry!
  5. Ordered just now. Why isn't it here yet? :bxn :ir :ltr
  6. Just when I have enough saved up to buy the kids their first new shoes in years, along comes Will, with another goodie that sucks the money right out of my account. :tu Can't wait to get it. Thanks bro! :chpr
  7. I hate you. :har Let me know when the first 3d contrast winged V cover is done & I'll paypal you for it asap.
  8. Just put in the EBC's on my XC today. Waaaaay better stopping power than the stock pads. Had a little squeal on the front but it got better as I used 'em.
  9. My XC gets lots of compliments regarding my Winged V trunk rack. As far as carrying luggage, they all work equally well, imho. And with Will's flag poles, you can move them to all kinds of different places on the rack so that shouldn't be a problem either.
  10. That's nothin'. 3300 miles for me. Somebody's got to be closer.
  11. Somebody drive their scooter to Will's place and hang with him for a day or so. He ain't got a local dealer to check the bikes out. Let him get his hands on a bike & (hopefully) a veritable flood of goodies will issue from the shop...
  12. That is a good location but I'd want the whole name spelled out. I know Will, you can do anything, but since you can't put money IN my wallet, I don't have any to take OUT & give to you... ;)
  13. By the way, the normal primary insert & backing plate do work just fine with the XC & XR. You do need to be careful with the alignment, since it doesn't have the recessed area. But it doesn't stick out far enough to interfere with the shifter (even the heel & toe shifter).
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