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  1. I personally could care less which month, date, etc. Just going to be a bummer we will miss the 2014 meet in NY. Just a tad to far for the little bride and I to ride that. Wish you all fun and safe riding. Maybe 2015 if it's somewhere in the middle of the country to the west coast.
  2. Damn NY Huh, Going to be honest just to far for us to ride. Not going to give excuses it's just what it is. I wish you all fun and a safe rally my fellow VMC'ers. Enjoy. Last years in ID was a blast for us. :tu
  3. Bob will you be there selling your goods at the VMC meet.? might consider a dash bag for my vision and maybe one for the wifes Cross country tour.
  4. We cant wait for this event. That's why we register the day after it was announced to register to guarantee us our shirts and other stuff. We also made our red loin hotel reservation that same day and was like the 3rd+ reservation for this event to make sure we got a good room and could enjoy all you good folks at this event. I'm liking what im reading with over 400+ people showing up for this event and even more as folks are hearing about it. I keep running into victory riders who dont know about this event and have sent them to the vmc.com or said show up in lewiston and join the fun. :beer
  5. WOOHOOO...I just scheduled my upgrade for my vision at the VMC meet in Aug with the Vic Shop from Iowa. I'm getting cams, timing wheel, VFCIII, top filter, I cant wait. Plus having them do oil changes on both my bike and Dianna's as well. I have read and heard nothing but awesome stuff about Rylan and his shop. He is known as one of the best Vic mechanics in the country. I thought since they where in Iowa and I was way out in WA state that I would never get them to wrench on my bike. But now it's going to happen. I'm really excited, since I have had my Vision since 2008 and really have taken the best care of her. Now I'm going to take even better care of her and add Hp, Torque to her and make her feel like new again. She has 30K miles on her.The wife is buying this upgrade for my Birthday. Everyone I have talked too have said it's well worth the investment... Is it Aug yet.. LOL :y: :y:
  6. Got the PM and responded. thank you very much. :y: :y: :y:
  7. That is awesome you all are going to be their. I would like to know what my cost would be to have set of Lloyds cam installed and fuel controller and what ever i would need to finish off the job. sorta like the cam partys you hear and see on here has done. Alos how much for an oil change? you can post on here or send me a private response message or e-mail me PLEASE. I have a 2008 Vision premium.
  8. hmm interesting. I'm cool with everything but how will this room be donated? I say just pull another ticket and call it good. Good luck to who ever gets the room. :-)
  9. What the heck I just bought some more. Come on daddy needs a nice big room. :y: :y: :)
  10. I bought a few tickets to help with the charity. I have a king premium room already booked but if i win this then I will save myself atleast $260 in room cost for 3 days. THEN THE PART WILL BE IN MY ROOM lololol.. :y: :y: :y:
  11. Glad to see so many coming from long distances.. We are leaving tomorrow late morning and riding a staggering 169 miles to get to ther from our home in E-WA State. LMAO..... :gf
  12. Well since this is taking for ever to get to Aug. We are heading down to Baker city for the Hells canyon rally his weekend july 12-14 to hold us over till this rally finally gets here. LOLOLOLOL. :y: :y:
  13. We will be there and cant wait to meet all these folks that I have only meet here on the forum. We live in Washington state so it will be nice to have it in the N.W Region in 2013. Who cares if you trailer your bike there or ride it, just show up. We booked our room and paid our reg fee's so we are set and ready to roll for next year. I can assure you the rides there are awesome. We just rode the rattlesnake canyon run about two weeks ago and it was hot 104 (rare) but fun none the less.
  14. Jon us folks out here need help. There are allot of folks out here that need a clutch lever with a more pullback 1 to 2" min for the XC & XCT. My wife and many others are having issues with the clutch lever being so far out that it's difficult to reach. I and many others have scoured the net trying to find a vendor who makes these. Well nobody does. This is where you step in Jon. Since Vic does not make an adjustable clutch lever like they do for the front brake lever we need some body (just like Kuryakan did for HD's)to make a clutch lever with a more pull back for small hands. I'm sure it would be worth your time to R&D and make these. As soon as word gets out I'm sure you would sell enough to recoup your investment and make a profit. Can you help us on this Jon PLEASE??. Chuck ;)
  15. Hi all. I hope maybe someone on here can help. I have been looking all over the net with no success in finding a clutch lever that is about 1-2 inches futher back than the stock one. My wifes new 12 CCT clutch lever is just a tad bit to far and she struggles at times to reach the clutch lever with her small hands. We had the same issue on her 09 HD street glide and I went to kuryakan's web site and they had a clutch lever that had a 2" closer pull back which fixed here issue. Does ANYONE know where we can get such a clutch lever for her 12 Victory CCT??
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