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  1. Also, if I remember correctly, there were riders from 27 states.
  2. Burrhead, Michael, and I made it back safely yesterday. I can't thank you enough for those who put this together. This was event was one I didn't want to leave. Saturday's ride was absolutely unreal! Thanks for everything. By the way, a special thanks to Code Blue's mom. She's a character and super nice gal!
  3. Just got my photo from Merv the photographer. Not bad at all. This is the full resolution digital image. It costs $15
  4. Hey Stoggy, glad you made it safely back home. We were more than happy to help you out! For the lack of putting it a better way, we couldn't have asked for a cooler bunch to break down in our neck of the woods. We really enjoyed visiting with you, Ira, Burt, and Barbara, both here in Sioux City and in Billings. Looking forward to the next time our paths cross. Until then, Ride Safe!
  5. Ira, Great to see you made it to your next stop. We really enjoyed meeting you guys and gal. Wish the circumstances would have been better but just the same it was great to meet you and the others. Hope you have a uneventful trip the rest of the way! C'ya out there on Thursday!
  6. Hey, this just a small part of what this club is about but a very important part. The Rescue Rider Database is kind of like having AAA only better. When LobsterHunter called, I had just changed my oil and just soaped down the bike. I just dropped what I was doing and called Ira who told me where they were. I called another VMC meber ($20Chrome) and we headed up I29 to pickup the bike. Got it back to $20Chrome's shop and had a helluva time getting the disintegrated rear wheel bearing out. Finally got it out and $20Chrome installed two new bearings, which he had on hand. We were also joined later by Burrhead and Airguy. We enjoyed a couple beers and some pizza while the bike was being worked on and I really enjoyed talking with them. What a great group to represent the VMC. Just super nice! We are meeting them for breakfast in the morning before we see them off for the rest of their Billings trip. $20Chrome himself just recently needed to use the Rescue Riders Database and I hope anyone who reads this will sign up. Thanks LobsterHunter for giving me a call. I was happy to help and the others were as well.
  7. Itchin to get in the wind. Can't seem to sleep. My ass is not looking forward to this trip but I am!!!
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