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  1. Sorry to hear this but it seems more and more men are going threw this! I got divorced 6 yrs ago after putting her threw school all the way to her masters then she snapped and wanted out and to go party and be with any guy she could. She walked away from a job making 130,000 plus a year to find herself and lost her house,car,HD and job. She drug me into court every year since the divorce and twice one year, gotta live the lawyer bills! I finally got custody of my two kids when she decided to move to TN without court approval or mine and take the kids with her. I hope I can make it threw the year without court! Of course now I have her bankruptcy stuff calling me and showing up on my credit report so now I have a lawyer working on this. And she has the nerve to tell me and the kids it's all my fault the way her life is. I try to laugh at it daily so I don't get stressed out! Good luck to you and your daughters! Just be honest with them and in the end the will always know you are there for them and won't lie to them!
  2. My dealer I just bought this bike from is bair in canton but my dealer close to me is Indy power sports. Please keep us informed on when they are available and how much please. Thank you kevin
  3. I just bought a vision and my dealer said that you were working on a back rest for the passenger when the trunk is removed. Thought I would ask if you had it yet or when do you think? Thanks
  4. I'm registered for lil sturgis but can I register for the torch ride when we get there? I have never been to sturgis Michigan is ther a store close were we can get beer and stuff when we get there close by?
  5. I will have to remember to keep a eye on this and maybe I can work it out to joint in on a leg! This is all new to me since I just bought a vision and only know one other person with one. Can't seem to get much info on stuff around here yet. I am just north of indy so maybe I can jump in at some point. Good luck and ride safe!
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