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  1. you are talking about the Nat'l meet in TN right Tom?
  2. Thanx to all the VMC members who showed up to enjoy the venue, food, meet other riders and see all the great lookin Vics that were a testament to the talent and creativity of Victory owners who really showcased the potential of customizing...notably Hot Vic... Also, this was all made possible due to Andy at Volusia Motorsports in cahoots with Vivian at BJ's Brewhouse. What other manufacturer does this for their owners especially during Bike Week or Biketoberfest?...Victory is a niche market and even with its growing popularity and ownership, I still hear other riders sayin 'hey theres on
  3. theres a dinner goin on sponsored by Volusia Motorsports and BJ's Brew house on Friday nite:
  4. had a great time in the Ozarks several years ago outta Eureka Springs in AR...maybe time to do another Meet out there :ir
  5. thanx for the link, I will chk it out and see what can be done...I will say though, as the former LC Chairman (in fact I believe I helped you guys get signed up) your chapter has indeed shown what can be accomplished. Its not always about numbers, but participation. One oddity, you're in the extreme NW, and we're in the extreme SE...farthest two points with greatest expanse of mighty good riding inbetween...and yet share highest count of members thus far. Cheers :beer
  6. RDZ, I noticed below your message is a proclamation that yours is the 'Largest LC in the VMC'...just wondering by what calculation makes that possible?....square miles?...number of members?...just curious.
  7. Here's a link to the Speedway, if you wanna race they have some rules for gear. http://www.orlandospeedworld.org/
  8. apparently theres a classis bike show taking place on the boardwalk Friday, guess they dont want our american bikes out there distracting the judges :dno :usa
  9. Update: Volusia Motorsports (1701 SR 44, New Smryna Beach) is the county’s only Victory Motorcycle dealer and have a number of events planned during Bike Week ’09. Here are two other events.... Saturday/Sunday, 2/28-29 Have your bike washed or detailed by the Victory Polisher Team, while browsing the range of Victory apparel and bikes at Volusia Motorsports, (386) 428-2212. Sunday, March 8 Test ride the 2009 Victory Motorcycles at the east end of the Daytona Beach Speedway to experience the award-winning Victory Vision Touring bike or some of the Cruisers
  10. For anyone comin to Daytona here are some VMC / VRA / Dealer related activities goin on for your consideration: Vic Corp / VRA, and the Hurricane Alley LC tryin to schedule something Victory related for each day of Bike Week. There should be a complete schedule posted on the VRA site soon. Our Chapter has been invited to participate and support these events. Flyers will be distributed with our logo on it. So attend if you can, and put another notch in the belt for Victory support. So far this is whats going on: TUES Mar. 3rd--Victory Nite @ Gators Rest. in Daytona across from Speedw
  11. :beer :tu :chpr :ir :jd :dp :gp :usf :appl
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