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  1. That looks like a great time. Thanks for the pictures. Ronnie
  2. I'll be there May 18, if I don't have to work. Ronnie
  3. How scenic? 69 and 71 are mostly 4-lane. 71 becomes 2-lane north of St. Joseph, MO and runs through the cornfields. You might consider going east of Joplin to 65. It's a good 2-lane and goes through lots of small towns and countryside. I believe you can follow it all the way to Des Moines. You could jump over to Springfield on I44 to 65, but I wouldn't. I would go north from Joplin to Nevada on 71, go east on 54 to 65. 54 is a nice 2-lane and fairly scenic. El Dorado Springs is 20 miles east of Nevada and has a Victory dealer. They are 1/2 mile south of the 54/32 junction (last light) on 32. A good place to eat is in Collins at the junction of 54 and 13. Take the 13 exit and go back north under the new 13 overpass onto the old road and Smith's Family Restaurant is right there on the left. Continue east on 54. You'll be getting into the Ozarks lake country. You could go on over to Preston and get on 65 there. Better yet, back in El Dorado Springs, go north on 82. It will intersect with 83. Go north on 83 to Warsaw. These are really nice rides. You can also go east on 54 from Collins to Weaubleau and pick up 83 about 5 miles out of Weaubleau. Either way is good riding. I prefer the 82/83 route a little more. Once you get to Warsaw, 83 comes up a hill to old 65. You might want to come up slow in 1st or 2nd gear and roll-stop it. Not much traffic up there usually. Turn north and follow the old road to where it intersects with new 65. Any of the roads from El Dorado Springs to Warsaw are fairly entertaining and cross fingers of Truman Lake. The dam is at Warsaw. Lake Of The Ozarks is east of there if you have the time and want to explore some of the roads, and you can loop back around to 65. Ronnie
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