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  1. +The missus and I are registered. See you there. Ride on. Roadkill
  2. +Does this help at all? (Unsure whether you're actually looking for WHERE it mounts, based on the subject line.) http://parts.polarisind.com/images/VIC/HORN/10CC.gif Ride on. Roadkill
  3. +Does your Jackpot dash look my Vegas dash, Neily? If so, it's a fairly easy process to check/replace the bulb. http://www.roadkillonline.net/imagedb_images/35_4810.JPG Ride on. Roadkill
  4. +Just fyi, AMSOIL Shock Therapy Medium #10 is a good replacement fluid: http://www.amsoil.com/lit/databulletins/g1663.pdf Ride on. Roadkill
  5. +Kevin, I think he's talking about the starter relay (pn 2410099) that's mounted to the rear of the battery box, not the four interchangeable relays (pn 2410098) in the fusebox. Ride on. Roadkill
  6. +Have you looked through the permagel on your regulator to see if you've got any fried circuits?
  7. +I re-crafted mine from inner tubes. http://www.roadkillonline.net/imagedb_images/35_7774.JPG http://www.roadkillonline.net/imagedb_images/35_7775.JPG http://www.roadkillonline.net/imagedb_images/35_7776.JPG http://www.roadkillonline.net/imagedb_images/35_7777.JPG http://www.roadkillonline.net/imagedb_images/35_7778.JPG http://www.roadkillonline.net/imagedb_images/35_7780.JPG Ride on. Roadkill
  8. +I may visit somewhere along the way. I've started a new job and am somewhat restricted on leave use with a particularly heavy schedule. I'll probably be at Zack's, but am currently unsure of my other abilities. Ride on. Roadkill
  9. +Check it out. CPC compatible, fuel quick disconnect couplers, now made right here in the USA at Flow-Rite Controls, Ltd. in Byron Center, MI: http://www.flow-rite.com/news/flow-rite-launches-line-quick-connect-couplers Ride on. Roadkill
  10. +Post what you got. I've still got several of these that I don't hesitate to shake for about 20 minutes and provide to the unemployed youthful residents in the household to use... 8^D Ride on. Roadkill :blnk
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