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  1. turns out there are not so many stock 03-05 exhaust parts out there. I thought I had cans coming to me but there was a miscommunication and they're from later years. I was watching one set on Ebay yesterday and they're gone today. patience is an exercise...
  2. stage one airbox cover and K&N filter are all the intake changes.
  3. I know it's against all Victory tradition but I'm taking my 05 Vegas back to stock mufflers from the stage one slip on. I have reason to want it quieter. question: what are the drawbacks to keeping the stage one map?
  4. I recently replaced a pulley that had spun on the shaft. the pulley is made softer make sure the shaft needs to be replaced the one I helped with only needed the pulley, the shaft was fine.
  5. "the oil smelled like gasoline" DRAIN IT, look for sparkles in the oil. no sparkles or metal flake, fill it with fresh oil. Sparkles in the oil you've scored the cylinder walls by lubricating with fuel contaminated oil. How the fuel got there is another question.
  6. I only ever saw one in the red and white, I thought Lonestar had a custom paintjob.
  7. I had the same problem on my Kingpin when I first got it. Drain the tank, with a mirror and a small flashlight look in the tank and see if the Pick-up filter sock / intakes are resting on the bottom of the tank. On my Kingpin they were up almost an inch, If they are off the bottom you can try to push them down but I had to pull the plug from the bottom of the tank and twist them into place. If you do pull the plug out it's best to buy new O-rings but if you are extremely careful you can re-use the old ones. Dawn dishwashing liquid is the magic lube to reinstall O-rings. The next possibility is the plastic lines from the pickups to the pump manifold are cracked. Holland
  8. If it's cupping in one area of the tire perimiter it could be balance, if it's uniform cupping around one or both sides of the tire check the air pressure then change your fork oil and check your springs, and alignment. look at the back tire, if there is more wear on one side it's alignment if the wear is uniform but you can see a slight fuzz or curling on on side of the tread grooves it's alignment. After all that the first things I would actually suspect are fork oil (wear and viscosity) and alignment. Because I know you keep the right amount of air pressure in it.
  9. what's the planned route from through KC? I might be able to latch on when you come through Independence and ride to Jefferson City.
  10. I have a '06 Kingpin tank with the fuel pump and cap that you really want, unless you really need the raised seam. make me an offer that's in line with what they're selling for on ebay and it's yours. If you come and get it you get gasoline that's in it too. I have the rest of the skins for sale too, and almost everything else on the bike. PM me. Holland
  11. I do not know what happened,I have been riding in some rather extreme temperatures and playing kind of hard with it. Anybody have a spare engine?
  12. Drained the oil, WOW metal flake like a 1982 bass boat. might be a while before the rootbeer kingpin is resurrected. I am a sad man.
  13. No significant oil in the airbox, just a few drops. So, My next guess would be the head gasket or valve guide. I hate having to pull it to find out.
  14. Too cold in the garage to find out if the airbox is full. that's Saturday's first project.
  15. 06 kingpin, blowing pretty blue oil smoke out the exhaust, worse at cold idle. No noticeable power loss. Using approximately 1qt in 500 miles. Any preliminary guesses?
  16. when I made my reservations 3 weeks ago all they had left were the two rooms in the back lower level, Looks like Kathleen and I are staying in the dungeon. Is anyone staying at Riders Rest?
  17. Kathleen and I will be there, but I'll need a map of the Ozards to help find it.
  18. readjust the tread mill bearings the squirrel's rubbing against one side.
  19. Your Dealer told YOU to retorque the heads??? Doesn't your dealer have a mechanic? Or maybe you are a LONGway from the dealership. OK, yes you could wait the five weeks for a melt or you could thoroughly clean the engine, pull the bike into the open and let it run for five minutes to see if you can identify the leak. from your photos I would suggesta high temerature thread sealant on the sensoras a starting place. NOT a thread LOCKER a thread SEALANT (not meaning to be condescending there but I have given precise advice before only to be flamed slammed and trashed by someone who didn't follow my instructions.) Holland
  20. OK '02 was the meet in the middle, an change to the V2V Relay '03 and '04 were the first AVRs. '05 was the first with the title "MEET" '06 I had the privelidge of chairing the committee for Eureka Springs. OK, Holland, no more nitpicking, just hope for the time off and good weather between here and Idaho!
  21. Just a question: how can it be the 12th annual MEET when the first one was in 2005? Not stirring things, just curious. Holland
  22. Motel 62 is about 2 miles from Country Mountain Inn (the center of activities) $59.95 for two but tell them you're with the Victory Motorcycle Club and ask if there's agroup rate. 1-479-253-5600 Super 8 a few hundred feet from Country mountain Inn. I don't have a price from them yet. 1-479-253-5959 Holland
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