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  1. I have just been informed by a unknown source that the winning ticket has NOT been sold yet . Keep buying these tickets `cause the money is going for a great cause . :chpr
  2. Left home Sat. Mapquest says 647 miles to Lewiston . Have logged 1185 miles in 3 days . Just rechecked mapquest this A.M. and it says I am STILL 641 miles to Lewiston . Taking the day off and going to the Buffalo Bill Museum .
  3. Left Nor Cal 05:30 today & sitting in John Day , Ore. tonight . 410 miles down . I threw out some toasted whole wheat bread crumbs along the way so you guys can just follow them to Lewiston . BTW-- Hwy 26 from Redmond, Ore. to John Day ,Ore. ROCKS.
  4. Leaving out on the 27th. if I can get all of the pieces hung back on the old girl & a little bit of wax to help with bug removal.
  5. I`m heading out on the 27th for 5 days of aimless wandering before I get to Lewiston .
  6. All signed up & room reservations made . Only 11 months to go . Way to go N.W. Region !!!
  7. And the # 1 thing to know about Montana " Men are men & sheep are nervous " ;) . Hope everyone has a great time . I really wanted to attend but my boss doesn`t seem to want to give me the time off . Something about asking for 10 days off two days after returning from a seven month otj injury. Anybody have a good idea where the 2010 meet will be held ?
  8. Just a thought , have you checked on options with Reno Cycles & Gear ? They might have an in somewhere.
  9. Just a suggestion as I have done several Crater Lake rides over the years . After you enter the park and arrive at the rim do the ride in a clockwise direction. The reason being is that then all of the overlooks & turn outs are then on your side of the road and you don`t have to fight traffic nearly as bad especially if you are riding in a group. After you have seen enough of the lake, the ride past Diamond Lake on Hwy 238 & down along the Umpqua River to Roseburg is one of the nicest in Oregon. That ride will get you back to I -5 & headed back North. Don`t know your time schedule
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