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    Sometimes it`s easier to complain to the masses that to connect with the source .
  2. I have just been informed by a unknown source that the winning ticket has NOT been sold yet . Keep buying these tickets `cause the money is going for a great cause . :chpr
  3. Left home Sat. Mapquest says 647 miles to Lewiston . Have logged 1185 miles in 3 days . Just rechecked mapquest this A.M. and it says I am STILL 641 miles to Lewiston . Taking the day off and going to the Buffalo Bill Museum .
  4. Left Nor Cal 05:30 today & sitting in John Day , Ore. tonight . 410 miles down . I threw out some toasted whole wheat bread crumbs along the way so you guys can just follow them to Lewiston . BTW-- Hwy 26 from Redmond, Ore. to John Day ,Ore. ROCKS.
  5. Leaving out on the 27th. if I can get all of the pieces hung back on the old girl & a little bit of wax to help with bug removal.
  6. I`m heading out on the 27th for 5 days of aimless wandering before I get to Lewiston .
  7. All signed up & room reservations made . Only 11 months to go . Way to go N.W. Region !!!
  8. I`ve been running the Diamond Star headlight modulator and the Back Off brakelight modulator for over eight years . Excellent product & easy installation. :y: :y:
  9. And the # 1 thing to know about Montana " Men are men & sheep are nervous " ;) . Hope everyone has a great time . I really wanted to attend but my boss doesn`t seem to want to give me the time off . Something about asking for 10 days off two days after returning from a seven month otj injury. Anybody have a good idea where the 2010 meet will be held ?
  10. Just a thought , have you checked on options with Reno Cycles & Gear ? They might have an in somewhere.
  11. Just a suggestion as I have done several Crater Lake rides over the years . After you enter the park and arrive at the rim do the ride in a clockwise direction. The reason being is that then all of the overlooks & turn outs are then on your side of the road and you don`t have to fight traffic nearly as bad especially if you are riding in a group. After you have seen enough of the lake, the ride past Diamond Lake on Hwy 238 & down along the Umpqua River to Roseburg is one of the nicest in Oregon. That ride will get you back to I -5 & headed back North. Don`t know your time schedule for return home, but if you head West on hwy. 138 at Sutherlin to Elkton then on West on hwy. 38 you will hit hwy 101 at Reedsport and ride on up the coast & home.
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