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  1. Mick is wanting to ride - was asking time for him. I think he may try to catch you in CA.
  2. Can't find where to 'register'. Rooms booked for Rose Mandile & I for Circus Circus in Reno, Hotel NV in Ely and Holiday Inn in Heber. See ya'll soon!!
  3. Rob, will greatly miss you. Very much appreciate all the assistance you've provided me in years past. Wishing you and your lovely wife the best of luck in your fancy new 'toy'. Agree with some of the above comments, you'll always be a part of the VMC! Stay in touch.
  4. I think 'Elders Quilting Club on Bikes' sounds pretty good!! LOL Gosh I crack me up. :LHQ
  5. Today is the day! Wishing you all well on Day 1 of the V2V!! Someday I'll start this journey with you and see it all the way to San Francisco!
  6. Steve - contact robbrutus - he should be able to get a shirt to you. Pretty sure cost is $10.
  7. Steve - you might want to follow Spot if you don't hear back - should give you an idea of where to catch them at.
  8. Rob - sent you a PM - try to get some mailed to me at the Bear Valley Inn in Craig. Just let Joe/Brandi know to hold them for me. See ya'll in Craig!!!!
  9. See you in Craig! Coming up from Vegas so won't be on the leg, just at the end. :)
  10. My plan is to start in San Francisco and possibly go all the way to Castle Rock.
  11. Plan is to ride in to Craig and head as far as Ely. Can't wait!!!! This will be my first 'long' journey on my Vision. oooh.....ooooh....oooooooh!!!!!
  12. Some photos from the road from Craig to Park City. From the 4 of us with the banner and on are from Park City to Ely. Enjoy!!
  13. Ressies made for Hotel NV. Jailhouse was booked full. Hotel NV appears to have one other room left. Dinner to be at 7pm in the lower dining area. See y'all soon!!
  14. Crap. Volunteered for Leg Captain and just realized I have to DO stuff. Will get a hold of the folks in Ely as soon as SW Meet is over. Hotel choice is generally Hotel Nevada or the one I prefer across the street at The Jailhouse. Phone number for each are: Hotel Nevada http://hotelnevada.com/ Toll Free # 1-888-406-3055 long distance # 1-775-289-6665 If these fill up there is always the Jailhouse across the street http://www.jailhousecasino.com/ Toll Free # 1-800-841-5430
  15. Either myself or possibly Drake from Utah. I'll see him and Brenda in a couple of weeks. One of us will handle it am sure. This years ride will be a Vision!!! :)
  16. Will be riding Craig to Ely this year. Can't wait to see everyone!
  17. There was a place in Sparks along the 80 (north side) just west of Vista - may have changed names. Wasn't fancy but had large enough parking lot and restaurant across the parking lot. I think????
  18. Poll shows 6 riders - will one of you volunteer to take the baton in Carson City on to SF? Please??? Let Rob or LtDan know. Thanks!
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