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  1. It left Craig, CO - we pulled it out and showed all. There is a small center pocket - double check that - that backpack has soooooooooo many pockets! It's GOT to be in there somewhere. Arnold?????
  2. Please be sure Tigger gets to Chris - Varyder - please, please, please!!! Thanks all!
  3. It was on and flashing when we left Park City. Sorry if some people missed joining us.
  4. Hahahahahaha Rick! And it will STAY G Rated thank you very much!!!
  5. We're on our way! 11 bikes - 15 people. Lunch in Vernal, UT right now. Here we come Craig, CO!!
  6. I'm waiting to hear from Lieutenant Dann to see if anyone else has volunteered to Captain this leg. Going on the assumption that no one has, I propose the following route: 8:30am Meet at Best Western Hotel - take group photo 9:00am KSU and head out on the highway ... looking for adventure .... and whatever comes our way!!! 9:30 - 9:45 Heber stop - gas, visit, see if anyone wants to join in from this spot, you'll have to check out the local gas stations to find us - how many gas stations are there? 10:45 - 11:00 Duschene stop - gas, visit, see if anyone wants to join from this spot ***see above comment 12:00 - 1:00p Vernal stop - gas, food, visit, see if ........ you get the idea 1:30 - 1:45 Dinosaur, CO - same as above 3:15 or so Craig arrival time estimate. Note - all times are subject to change. If you plan on trying to jump in on any of these stops I recommend following Spot. I'll also do my best to add a post to my FB page along the way. Additionally - if you have a different idea on how this leg should go,please speak up! It's not like I know what I'm doing!!! I just didn't see anyone else step in and I'm going all the way into Craig anyway. Looking forward to miles and miles of smiles and bugs!!! Friends too.
  7. If no one steps up for this - I can carry the baton as I'll be riding from Park City to Craig - but since I know nothing of Craig - would appreciate it if someone else handles the 'end of ride' duties for me. At this point - looks like maybe 5 - 6 rooms based on the poll at the top of the page - unless there are more in the Craig area that will be staying over before heading to Littleton? Craig is where I end this journey and will be headed south for home while the rest of ya'll head on further east. Looking forward to seeing some of the Colorado peeps from Palmer Divide!
  8. Had such an awesome time! Remember - what happens at the Bear Valley Inn in Craig - STAYS at the Bear Valley Inn in Craig!! LOL
  9. Already booked in Park City - just called the number and winged it! :) Can't wait to see you all!!!
  10. Hey Josh - I've never traveled this leg before. Will you be posting the ride route? Also, can you confirm the hotel information as well as what time you plan on departing from Ely? One last question (for now) - which Best Western (address) is this? Since I'm traveling from SF to Craig on this I'm trying to map it all in advance so that if Ron can't ride the whole route he can hopefully meet us somewhere along the way. There may also be others that would like to 'jump in' somewhere along the way as well. Thanks!
  11. I'll hug ya Randy!! Does that count? You too Redd. Ron's on his own with ya! ??
  12. The route and intended lunch stop is either posted earlier in this thread or on the Lost Coast forum page. See you at lunch Redd!!!!!
  13. Ron takes a 2X mens and I'd like a small ladies - do they have ladies?? We had ladies tanks last year.....will there be the same this year?
  14. I needed a room in SF with 2 beds - Oceanview didn't have - we'll be down the street at Roberts at the Beach - 2828 Sloat Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94116 (415) 564-2610. Looks like we can meet in the middle for dinner Sue. I'm guessing walking distances???? Jimmy????
  15. I'll be coming in to San Francisco on Friday so I can join you. Kris Struble (fish) will join me. We'll depart Las Vegas on Thursday and stop over Thursday night in Bakersfield (likely stay with Jeannie) and then on to SF Friday. Any idea on best place to stay in SF? Someplace not to far from the start point but fairly cost effective? Am thinking I need to start my reservations and such soon. Thanks!
  16. Will be joining you coming in with Leg 1 and continuing on through. Pew - at some point you should also post what time you plan on having KSU from Carson, where the stops will be (likely the same as always but there may be some people new to this joining us) and what time you plan the baton pass dinner and where it will be in Ely. Feel free to PM or call me. :)
  17. I'll be joining our Lost Coast boys coming out of San Francisco and will ride along on Legs 1, 2, 3 AND 4. I'm making this an 8 day trip to remember!! I'm so looking forward to this! :)
  18. Wow. I feel so attacked. And I feel like I should shower. Sorry - I like the flexible dates. I like the travelling location. It allows for a wider, not necessarily larger, participation. It allows for a chance to see someplace new as a guest to those who know the area well. No, I won't know the exact dates every year. No, I won't know the exact location every year. Until it's announced. I think that's part of the charm (this year is not being used as an example as it's my understanding this years circumstances are not the norm). And yes, there will be years that I'm prevented from going for one conflicting reason or another. That's life. I'm willing to bet (and I live in Vegas) that a set date and set location will still prevent many from attending either some years or all years for one or many reasons as well. There is no perfect solution. Instead - there is a solution that maintains variety, flexibility for those that take on the project and a sense of expectation and joy when the 'who/what/where/when' is announced to those wishing to attend and are able to. I understand the National to be for the masses. The many. Not the same over and over and over and over. I only see a few with a hard set desire to contain the National Meet in a box. Yes, they're vocal. But I only see a few. And sorry, I don't buy that others that feel the same are too 'scared' to speak up. Now, you may disagree with me and you are free to. You will not hurt my feelings if you don't think or see things as I do. I won't call you a fool, a jerk or any sort of filthy foul word. I won't disparage you or your person for thinking differently than me. However, when you do choose to disagree with me, I expect you to do so as an adult with some education and courtesy. I'll thank you in advance to respond without actual or squiggly swear words. Ride well my friends.
  19. No matter how you slice it - there are always going to be those that want the National Meet to be handled the way they want it handled. They will not step and DO anything - they will simply complain. The bottom line is - you will NEVER please everyone. Having the National held someplace different is what is so great about it. At some point - everyone should get the opportunity to attend. If you choose to bypass the National to do something else...then so be it. As has already been pointed out, a permanent date for an event that travels will limit who can host it. That wouldn't be a good thing. The dates will be whatever works for the LC hosting. If you want a specific date during a particular year - submit your proposal to host it. It's as simple as that!
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