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  1. Dammit, now I have to order something so I can find out what the gift is!!! Is it bigger than a bread box?
  2. I did, she pointed to the magnifying glass.........
  3. Do you only stock "stock" lengths? Wife wants apes so she will need some longer ones.
  4. You need our support? I thought maybe you were growing man boobies from all that good food I see you posting on Facebook!!
  5. Like Jon said, it's only an 1/8" think so you've got something wrong somewhere. Were the nut and axle end flush before?
  6. Look like ass...(said out of complete jealousy)
  7. IDK who he is, but if I ever meet him i'm gonna kick his ass.
  8. Hope you're able to forget about all the shit going on in your life and enjoy a day with family and friends. Happy BIrthday my friend, make it a good one.
  9. God Bless you and the girls Will, I was under the impression that your issues with the wife had been resolved, sorry to hear they've turned to shit again. I'd tell ya that if there is anything I can do, just let me know, but not sure there is a lot I can do other than provide support and say a prayer for ya. You got my number if you need someone to yell at!! :)
  10. You need to stop spending money on the wife's bike anyway Matt!
  11. Thanks for the ham my friend, Merry Christmas!!
  12. I dont think anyone would have any trouble figuring out who I am. Not too many here are 6'8"..... I DONT NEED NO STINKIN NAME TAG!!!!!
  13. Whatever.....you suck for not taking your biggest money maker with ya!! :)
  14. Yeah, kinda puts our plans on the shitter for sure.
  15. Not gonna make the trip, sorry for all those interested.
  16. If you have to ask, you likely dont need to come !!! LOL I am talking about addiction.
  17. Many of you know that Amazon and I spend a lot of time working with those in Recovery. Just putting feelers out to see if anyone would be interested in a Meeting Saturday or Sunday morning. It would be VERY informal, those in recovery, their spouses, significant others would be welcomed. To maintain anonymity shoot me a message and we will see if there is any interest.
  18. I'd like something similiar to your current product for the Cross bikes, something I can just use to stretch my leg out on. Not looking for a foot rest, but rather a leg rest. Something that would swing out. I can send you a board if you need one.
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