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  1. If you have the 2,4 or 5 inch peg extensions installed you will not be able to install the crash bar without modifications to the bar.
  2. Kingpin tank doesn't have the rib going down the tank whereas the Vegas does.
  3. Why not just put the proper oil in now? I always change mine before winter and then when spring arrives I am ready to ride.
  4. Dammit, now I have to order something so I can find out what the gift is!!! Is it bigger than a bread box?
  5. RIP Mikey. The owner of the above bike Gabe is sitting on passed away a few weeks ago, a great guy and great Vic enthusiast. His casket had a Victory logo sticker on it, and also an older tank badge.
  6. Get ahold of Scott at Conquest, he will get you what you need. What year make and model of bike? THere are dozens of threads on clutch cables breaking and methods on how to eleviate, not eliminate the problem.
  7. Both my 06 Jackpots look like that, just had both front wheels off to replace fork fluid in both bikes.
  8. Did you put on a new exhaust, or simply take off the existing and put back on? If a new 'new' exhaust, you may need to reprogram as well.
  9. I'm not saying that will fix your problem, just repeating what I have been told when I added a fuel controller. Have them do some diagnostics on the bike. May be another issue....
  10. You really should start from a stock map versus a custom map.
  11. You need a better dyno tuner, if its not a Vic expert, they dont know WTF they are doing......period. A Vic aint a Harley....I tool my 03 Vegas to a custom shop, they made my bike run worse and made my wallet $100 poorer. That being said, does it do this when the bike is just sitting there, or when you're riding?
  12. What adjustments can be made to the triple trees? This is a new one to me.
  13. Very odd its happening on BOTH bikes?!?!?!?
  14. About a half 45 minutes to an hour, pretty simple and straight forward.
  15. Shit dude, I replaced my wifes a month ago, dont think I kept it, but I'll double check. It was trashed so I'm pretty sure I tossed it.
  16. I've got one I took off my Jackpot, I may sell it. PM me.
  17. I did, she pointed to the magnifying glass.........
  18. Do you only stock "stock" lengths? Wife wants apes so she will need some longer ones.
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